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Please find the attached press release announcing the appointment of FTCLDF's new Executive Director, Alexia Kulwiec.

Kulwiec’s appointment will allow FTCLDF to increase our outreach and advocacy work, grow our efforts to address policy areas nationwide, and provide additional legal services to our members. Under Alexia’s leadership, FTCLDF will expand its work on behalf of our farmer, consumer, homesteader, artisan, and affiliate members while working tirelessly to reduce the regulatory burden faced by each.

Kulwiec has practiced law for over twenty years, most recently working toward an advanced law degree in Agricultural & Food Law at the University of Arkansas School of Law. Alexia also has an appointment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she has studied domestic fair trade on mid-sized farms, written and published on farm labor issues, and teaches in the area of labor and employment law. With experience leading a legal department, Alexia has the expertise and background to lead FTCLDF’s nationwide network of attorneys and to offer the best services to our members.

On behalf of all of FTCLDF’s members and supporters across the country, we’re thrilled and excited that Alexia has agreed to serve as our leader.

Welcome, Alexia!

Thank you,
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