Subject: 2 More Days! Our 2023 Membership Drive Is Coming to a Close!

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Dear Friend,

We are grateful for the support we receive to provide quality legal representation and policy work on behalf of small independent farmers and food producers. 

As you know, national and state policy supports large operations yet places major obstacles in the way of independent farmers and food producers simply trying to provide healthy locally produced foods to their communities.

We need EVERYONE to join so together we can help stand in the gap and pave the way for food freedom. Membership provides exciting benefits and is also vital in providing support to others trying to strengthen the U.S. food supply.

Our 2023 Membership Drive ENDS
March 15, 2023

Have you been thinking about joining our community, or know someone who’s an independent farmer, cottage food producer, chef, or concerned consumer who would benefit by becoming a member? Please forward this email TODAY! With all of our special offers,
now is a great time to join!


New and existing members have the opportunity for serious discounts from both Chelsea Green and Stockman Grass Farmer including educational bundles from Greg Judy, Allen Nation, Jim Gerrish, and Dr. Allen Williams.

AND all NEW members will be automatically entered into a drawing for great prizes from some of our members and supporters

Serenity Kids Baby Food Gift Certificate (Valued at $100)!

Vintage Tradition Gift Certificate (Valued at $100)!

Farmer Brad Automatic Chicken Waterer Either 2 gallon or 4 gallon – your choice! (Valued at $65)

Buck Moon Farm Goats Milk Soap Multi-Pack (Valued at $75)!

Mentink Family Farms – Organic vanilla beans, Redmond’s smoked salt bottle, handmade lavender soap, lip balm, half pound native raw pecans (Valued at $60)!

David’s Pasture Pasture-Raised Beef Snack Sticks (Valued at $75)!

Healing Cycles 1-Hour Energy Healing Session by Dori Steiman Schoonmaker, a Brennan Integration Practitioner (six years of professional training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing) and a Reiki Master (Valued at $115)!

Provision Family Farms 45-minute Facetime/phone Consultation for new farmer doing pastured meat production (Valued at $60)!


During our membership drive, all members, including those who join from February 1–March 15, 2023, will receive these exciting benefits:

We heard you! And members can now request our cool new signage! Add a layer of protection between you and anyone who may not understand or appreciate the important work you do.

Sign is 12" X 18"corrugated plastic - can be attached to gates, fenceposts, or mailbox post.

How to get your Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund sign
Of course, membership already provides these great benefits, too!
  • Toll-free 24/7 emergency hotline in case of a surprise visit.
  • Unlimited legal consultations after 6 months.
  • Access to our members-only resources.
  • Invites to attend live members-only webinars.

We are fighting to protect the rights of food producers and consumers, and the right to a healthy U.S. food system. It is my sincere hope that you join us!

JOIN or RENEW now!

Have a great day!

Suzanne Sisk
FTCLDF Marketing and Communications
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