Subject: Wow All Things Are Really Possible Foe 2020

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Imagine being able to bend the world to your will.

What if you could use your mind to create a reality
that you desire in the same way that Neo did
in the blockbuster movie, The Matrix?​​​​​​​

Believe it or not, some of the smartest, most successful,
and most educated people in the world believe we are
living in a Matrix-like virtual reality.

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The idea isn't new.

Spiritual teachers have been saying it for a thousand years...

But recently scientists and tech geniuses have started to agree.

For example, Billionaire founder of Paypal, Tesla
Motors, and SpaceX - Elon Musk - thinks that it's
billions of times more likely that we living in a
simulation rather than in “reality.”

And it's not just some nutty tech billionaire saying this...

A NASA scientist, Rich Terrile, has been quoted as saying
that an explanation for quantum physics is that we are
living in a simulated universe.

The coolest part is, because we are living in this virtual reality...

You can bend it to create the world you want.

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I know it seems impossible, but what we think of as

And you have the power to design and create and
attract exactly the life you want.

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