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Please Hello My Name is Rev Brian Richards I am wearing this jacket just to show you how sometimes I dress up for weddings, I was asked why don't you wear gowns and clergymen cloths like they always use. They meaning the mainline denominations, well sometimes we need to get amungs the people and show them we are normal people doing extra ordinary things for God. It is by God's Grace that I am able to solomonise weddings, Funerals,Christenings, and a speaker for special events and preach and teach at local churches. These are my normal duties for every day and every time we can break the mold of traditions we do that also.Besides all this when I am not doing my normal duties I am praying and seeking God's guidance, and  sometimes we get good at this also, so we write books about this also.So through a lot of trial and many mistakes in judgement we finally come up with a written materials that we see in RevBrian's -Bookstore and private domains   please feel free to browse through all the books there!

I have received this book to-day and extremely happy with the result and so will you be when you read this giant revelation of Holy Spirit correction to the body of Christ!
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You can order this book at  and please send me a comment on this book. And Blessing to all whom will read, in Jesus Name I pray Amen..
p.o. box 316 plumpton, 2761, Sydney, Australia
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