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July 11/ 2020





*** If you want to make around $ 5000 in about 30 days, I ask you to read the following information carefully ***


*** Change $ 5 to $ 5000 ***



Take 5 minutes to read this document carefully.

It will be the best decision you have ever made.

This concept has helped a lot of people to earn $5000 in 30 days,


Just by making this method work, 

I’m giving it away for FREE.


Don't be skeptical about this opportunity. You may get confirmation from other participants that it really works, but this is explained below. 


Think about it for a few days and understand how it works before you start, otherwise you might regret throwing it away. Over $5000 in cash is waiting for you! This system works, thousands of people have joined and they have all been amazed by the results in such a short time with only 5$ investment!


This method is not a miracle; it just follows a mathematical logic.


For only $5 and 30 minutes of your time, 

You can earn a lot of money.

This concept that I'm going to disclose to you works perfectly every time! Be reassured, this is a perfectly legal business of acquiring money. 


It does not require you to buy or sell anything. It does not require you to tell your friends, family or anyone else (unless you want to). 


In fact, you don't need to get in touch with anyone; it's all over the internet. Anyone with a minimum of audacity can be very successful and make a lot of money with this system.


If you decide not to take advantage of this opportunity, we would like you to know that we sincerely respect your decision and understand that you must have your reasons. 


So we wish you good luck in the future; we say this with sincerity, but if you decide to participate, we assure you that you will not regret it. 


After all, this business plan is being shared with you for FREE.


It's the FASTEST, LOWEST INVESTMENT, and EASIEST way to make serious money online. Don't let your initial skepticism deprive you of this revenue opportunity. Be CURIOUS and READ. You risk nothing and have everything to gain.


There are many other companies that offer self-employment through the Internet. You can be sure that you will generate a real INCOME with what you are about to read. 


So let's get started right away!!


Remember, no one is asking you to send any money in exchange for this information. We are disclosing this lucrative plan to you for FREE. 


In addition, you will be asked to sacrifice 30 minutes of your free time. You will make cash quick and easy, using just a copy of this page and the simplest and most popular Internet payment system of the moment: PayPal! 


PayPal is used by 78 million users worldwide. This payment method is widely used on eBay (the largest auction site on the planet).


If you already have a business at home, you can easily do this one with it. If you don't, this is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to make serious money online. Your age doesn't matter when it comes to this business. You won't need any specific knowledge or talent. You won't need to read emails, watch ads all day long, make phone calls, make photocopies, or send letters, or pay to receive advertising, etc.  


The only things you need are:

- An email address.

- A PayPal account with at least a $5 deposit on it.

- About 30 minutes of your time


The plan only takes half an hour to be operational. After that, there's absolutely no work for you to do. Then, you will earn a few thousand dollars in the coming weeks, thanks to this 30 minutes of easy work!


Please be sure to read this page in its entirety.


Take your time; go over some points several times if you need to. All you need is a PayPal account and an email address.


Everyone has heard about "PayPal" (if not, it will come in the following), its efficiency, and security. PayPal is the easiest way to make and receive online payments! Anyone with an email address can open an account on PayPal, it's FREE! 


Once you have a PayPal account, you can send and receive payments from anyone, anywhere in the world! Please read the following before you go to PayPal right away. You'll be able to complete the whole process in half an hour and you'll never forget the day you decided to do this !!


NEED PROOF? Here are just 4 examples of individuals among countless who have decided to invest no more than 5$ and a half an hour of their time to participate:


"What an amazing plan! I followed your instructions just 3 weeks ago, well I haven't made the $5000 yet, but I already have $3,300. So I am absolutely satisfied. I was able to find out from the other participants and it seems to be working for everyone, it's incredible!! 


Alain Juinet


"What a fantastic business! I did what you said a month ago, and I already have over $4,000. 

I'm very excited, and I don't know how to thank you."


Thomas Fernandez


"So, what can I say? THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I sent 40 Emails as you advised and then I didn't think about it again, I didn't believe in it too much actually. To be honest, I didn't really think anything would come of it. 


But when I checked my PayPal account a week later, there was over $800 on it! After 30 days I now have over 5300$ to spend! I don't know what else to say, it's wonderful, thank you! 


Lisa Lormet


"I was surprised when I saw how much money flooded into my PayPal account. Within 3 weeks the amount in my account skyrocketed to 4685$. At first, I thought there was a problem with my account and then I remembered my $5 investment a few weeks before".


Richard Barriere


Just a few months ago, each of these people was doing the same thing you are doing right now - reading this! But because they decided to follow the instructions given below, these people are now extremely satisfied with the results. You have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain.






If you are not already a PayPal user, the very first thing you need to do is to click on the PayPal link below and SUBSCRIBE A FREE ACCOUNT. It only takes 2 minutes!




It is a law that no one can go back on: "we must first give in order to receive". So the thing to do when you have your PayPal account is to send 5$ from your PayPal account to the FIRST email address in the list below. You can absolutely write to this person to ask them a few questions before you start.


To send your $5 successfully, follow these simple steps:


1-Credit your $5 PayPal account. To do this: open your account page, click on "fund" and follow the instructions.


2- Once your account is credited, click on the icon at the top of the page "PAYMENT".


    In the box "Recipient's email address" write the FIRST email address from the list of 5 below.


    In the "Amount" box enter $5 (this will be your one and only payment).


    In the box "Category of purchase" choose "service" (although it doesn't really matter what you put here, it's for PayPal’s own references)


    In the large "Note" box write:


"Please add me to your list."

Be sure to add that note, that's what MAINTAINS THIS LEGAL PROGRAM.


    Finally, click on the "Continue" button to validate the payment. That's all you have to do!


Here is the current list:










After you transfer the $5 to the FIRST email address on the list, something very mysterious happens. It gives you a sense of certainty, belief, and conviction that is indescribable and overwhelming in the system.


You've just proved to yourself that because you did it, there must be a lot of others willing to do exactly the same thing. So you have now seen for yourself, that this concept really works!


You can question these people by writing to them to give you their feedback. This is the best way to get confirmation that the system is working properly. You will surely not be disappointed !!!




Once you have sent the $5 to the FIRST address on the list (along with the note - it's VERY important! ), the next thing you need to do is to create a copy of the content of this page, as you will email it to at least 40 people (keep in mind that 40 is a good number of people to reach, but with all the different ways of posting on the Internet ("chat", "forums", peer to peer...) and the number of messages read, you can reach a hundred or even thousands if you wish.


The more people join this business and the more profitable the business is for everyone on the list, including YOU.


The copy you will send will contain YOUR email address in position 5 on the list. After your payment, you remove the address number 1 from the list and move the others up one position.


So, the number 1 disappears from the list, then 2 goes to 1, then 3 goes to 2, then 4 goes to 3, then 5 goes to 4, and so the fifth place remains free. IT'S FOR YOU!


Write your email address in position n° 5

The best way to do this business is to make a copy of this message and keep it on your hard drive. Then you can send it as many times as you want to your family and friends or anyone else. 


You can also advertise it on the Internet on free classified ad sites or make it available on download networks. You can even create your own website as a "personal page" with different providers.



    Choose a title for with what you want but still, something related to this business, like (make quick money for $5)...etc.


The only thing you need to make sure is that YOUR email address is number 5 on the list. Of course, the address that was previously at number 1 should have been removed, and the other 4 email addresses should have been moved up one position to put yours at number 5. If you have done this correctly, your document is ready for sending!


A word of warning

Don't be tempted to add your email address to the number 1 position in order to make money faster! It doesn't work like that! If you do this, you will ONLY reach the people you are directly sending it to and then your address will be immediately removed from position number 1 and you won't reach the thousands of people! But, if you add your name to position number 5, there will actually be hundreds of people who will receive your file.


    Once you have your document ready, send a minimum of 40 copies of it, but only to people you know, or who are likely to respond to offers, or to people who send offers to YOU. By distributing this document over the Internet, the response time is EXTREMELY fast.....



QUICK!! That's why it only takes a few days for the transfers to arrive on your PayPal account!




The whole process should take you about 30 minutes to complete.




Half an hour of easy work is all that is needed. Copy, send, and wait, and the concept is 100% legal.

When you send your documents, your email address will initially be in position number 5 on the list. This is the best position at this stage if you really want to make money. 


The response rate for this program is much higher than any other commercial campaign. As long as you send your new document to people who might be interested, you can expect on average a participation rate of about 30%.


But let's be extremely pessimistic and assume that you receive an average response rate of only 10%?

- If you send your document to 40 different people, you can expect at least 4 of them to do exactly what you did (10% of 40 = 4). 


These 4 people will put their email address in position 5, so yours will have moved to position number 4 in the list, and this list will now have reached around 160 people (4 x 40 = 160).


- Out of these 160 people, you can expect at least 16 of them to participate (10% of 160 = 16), so when your email address reaches position number 3 in the list, it will have now reached around 640 people. (16 x 40 = 640).


- Out of these 640 people, you can expect at least 64 of them to participate (10% of 640 = 64), so when your email address reaches position number 2 in the list, it will have reached 2560 people. (64 x 40 = 2560)


- Of these 2560 people, 256 will participate (10% of 2560 = 256), so when your email address reaches position number 1, it will have reached 10240 people. (256 x 40 = 10240)


- Of these 10240 people, 1024 will participate (10% of 10240 =1024). At this moment your email address is in position number 1 and 1024 people will pay you $5.


1024 X 5 $ = 5120 $




So, when your name starts hitting the number 1 position in the coming days, it will be YOUR turn to collect the money! In 30 days, this money will be sent to you by several hundred people like you and me - who are willing to invest half an hour to receive around $5000 or more in cash! 


The first payments will arrive in a few days, and they will continue at the rate of about 20 payments per day for about 30 days. Then, over time, the volume of payments will begin to decrease as your email address clears the number 1 position.

That's all you have to do! 


There will be around 5000$ in payments of 5$ waiting for you on your PayPal account in the coming weeks.


That's money you can spend on whatever you want! Then deposit it on your own bank account and spend it as you want, PayPal transfers funds to your account are just a click away! It's that simple!


Remember, the 10% in the example above assumes that 36 of the 40 people you sent your email to may not even have read it or thrown it away. However, if you follow the plan correctly and send your emails only to people who are likely to want to participate, you can expect a participation rate of around 30%.


Therefore, the 10% example is only given as a "bad scenario". In addition, the above example assumes that each participant will only send 40 emails. Imagine what would happen if each participant sends 1,000 emails instead of 40! Believe me, a lot of people will!


So, send your document today, and be prepared to receive a huge influx of cash within 30 days!!










This program is structured so that each person sends 40 emails.

However, you are certainly not limited to 40. Send as many emails as you want. Just be aware that every 40 emails you send have a return of AT LEAST $5,000 within 30 DAYS.


So, if you can send 50, or 100 or more emails then do so, PLUS YOU WILL SEND, PLUS YOU WILL RECEIVE PAYMENTS. IT'S MATH

In a few days, hundreds of $ will arrive on your PayPal account. IT IS GUARANTEED. In fact, you can expect to receive a significant amount of $5 in the first few days! Keep a copy of this document so you can use it again whenever you need money!



For this, different methods are available to you:

-Distribute this document by email to as many contacts as possible. Any recovered email address is good to take.


- Collect emails while surfing on the net, in "Chat", forums, dating sites, etc... (See by buying them, once you have collected payments).

- Share it in file sharing networks.

(emule, kazaa, shareaza, bittorrent etc...) For this, you must have one of these softwares. All you have to do is wait for the document to be downloaded. This is surely the best solution if you want to optimize the distribution of the document.


A very useful tip: use the most searched "zip" or "rar" folders on emule (archive) and download them to insert your document inside, but be sure to add in the title of each folder what you have added. By being honest with everyone, people will be honest with you too.


With this method you will be able to reach about 50 downloads per day.


You are probably skeptical, especially with all the different programs that already exist on the web, but if you don't try this you will never know. Others have said exactly the same things to themselves. Then, as they tried it, they realized they had absolutely nothing to lose. 


After all, $5 is a very small amount compared to what you can make in a month. And all for just half an hour of your time! As a result, many people participated and did exactly as this document explains. 


Here we are. You now have the knowledge that will allow you to make over $5000 in the next four weeks. The only thing that could hold you back now is if you didn't understand the concept or if you lack courage. Don’t be afraid YOU`RE NOT MAKING YOUR HOME, it’s only $5. 


However, any doubts you may currently have will disappear in a few days if you put this plan into practice. Put your confidence and enthusiasm into it! You won't regret it.


A few notes on the PayPal site that you may find useful:

PayPal lets you pay whoever you want with an email address and it is the number 1 online payment service in the world. PayPal is accepted by over 3 million auctions on EBay as well as countless online stores. 


You can also use PayPal to pay your friends - for example, it's a convenient way to split the phone bill with your roommate, send cash to your kids at college, or to someone in another country.


When you send money to your PayPal account, you do it with your credit card. You don't have to worry about your privacy, because PayPal is completely secure and keeps your bank details confidential. 


Paying for purchase with PayPal is safer than sending a check or revealing your credit card number to strangers. That's why more than 100 MILLION PEOPLE worldwide use PayPal to move money.

Signing up for a PayPal account is free, easy, and it only takes a few minutes.


So don't hesitate and good luck to you!!



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