Subject: To Tell You Truth You Have Not Realized!

Sso this is a truth I have discovered that is not yet realized by many but we are all catching on?
Dear Friend,
RevBrian Richards  here in Australia from Fast Client Formula.
So have you been sucked into creating a “sales funnel” for your business yet?
It’s the huge buzzword that shows no sign of going away.
That’s because it looks like it really makes sense.
I mean, it sounds good right? “One time offer… upsell… downsell… cross-sell… continuity offer, etc etc.”
But you know what?
It’s confusing as hell!
And while you’re trying to work out the correct steps to doing that, my clients are getting prospects to invest up to $1,000 with them in as little as 48-hours.
No silly free offer. No stupid $7 offer. No boring $97 offer. And no downsell to a piddly $47 offer either.
Just a big sale without all that other junk.
It’s not that the sales funnel is wrong. In fact, it’s fantastic. And very intelligent.
It’s just that you don’t need it.
My Fast Client Formula is a system that shows you how to do business WITHOUT a sales funnel – instead, just one simple offer.
Would you like us to show you how to make this change in your business?
Easy. Just get on a call with one of my strategists and see if we can diagnose and fix your biggest business challenge right now.

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