Subject: To Stay In Touch Good Things Are Coming

Some Times Good FREE Advertising can be right in front of your nose!
HOWEVER HAVE YOU GOT THE NOSE FOR IT? Click on the photo and see what happens next?

If you don’t have It, You Can’t Sell It be with us in selling and writing of inspiration books
Independently published writers are more than just authors. At trade shows and panel discussions, I have often described these writers as being self-employed entrepreneurs—heading a business with only one employee—themselves. As such the author must be adept at both writing and the business of publishing. All decisions are the author’s; from developing the concept to publicizing and marketing the finished product to making sure there is a product to sell.
The holidays provide more opportunities than any other time of the year to get your product in front of people who are actively seeking to spend their money. Whether you are planning a social media marketing push, have scheduled a book signing and speaking events, have booked space at your local winter market, or meet someone on the bus, you need to be ready to make the sell.
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