Subject: There is a Torrent of Blessings by reading this e-😇book!

Posted: 05 Feb 2019 01:59 AM PST
You can contact me by being on my mailing list at there is a free download for you! my latest book called "How To Be A Christian Without Being Religious" To make a Donations to this ministry (Click here for free download)GET A FREE FREE DOWNLOAD NOW! BELOW Download my free e-booK >”HOW TO BE CHRISTIAN WITHOUT BEING RELIGIOUS“ There is a Torrent of Blessings by reading this book and I don’t mean the weather this is a Torrent of Holy Ghost Power.
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 This is an easy way for people to give into my ministry thank you!

And yes please send me a quick email if you would like me to have a meeting with you on a webinar I really like the Zoom I have learned how to use this while the restrictions  of covid 19 and social distance restrictions where on.
In Australia we are almost back to normal so it say's on our news broadcasting! However the world should have learned a lesson by all this that maybe we shall never get back to normal again. The world system has changed and nothing will ever be the same again! We have all seen just how easy it was to stop the whole world from functioning. Now they know how easy it would be to bring in a One World Government, and a One World Money system and the mark of the beast mentioned in the book of Revelations saying the mark of 666 is the number for an antichrist system?

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