Subject: Sweeping The World is good news with a TWISTer

There’s no shortage of ways to incorporate a paid access model into our own email marketing campaign. Membership sites also don’t have to cost a lot of money, however we prefer You to simply offer a $5 Donation to our personal  Evangelism account  by Richards Missionary Family
 Easter Sunday
Free downloads that will help you build your list. THIS LINK IS THE LINK TO OUR VIDEOS AND FIND ALL THE OTHER VIDEO”S BELOW:
We also have a membership website at  this will allow you to join our private membership site on  face book group called “Faith Restoration Church” we have left this open for anyone to Join as a membership over the Easter Holidays: This will normally be a Private Membership for our students that are seeking to have a (Accreditation Certificate) signed by: the faculty of “The International Word of Faith Ministries” (Aust) Reverend Brian, & Erlinet Richards & Guest Speakers that have had input into this vision of “Faith Restoration Church” online until we get our own building.
p.o. box 316 plumpton, 2761, Sydney, Australia
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