Subject: Sve Money By Making Money This Christmas

Rev Brian
Before I Blow Your Mind On Potential Earnings...
Learn How It Works!
You can make money simply by promoting your replicated affiliate link. It's called Affiliate Marketing.
The cool thing is, it's all set up already and ready to go... (of course you should continue to further customize the system, but if you are in a hurry you can start sharing your link with others right away):
That is your unique Prosperity Marketing System link. When others visit they will be joining under you and you get credit. Whenever they pay to join you earn commissions.. and you get paid EVERY month they are subscribed!
As you will see it doesn't take long to earn a substantial income just promoting the Prosperity Marketing System.
You are now getting paid 100% commissions with leverage. Check out this video for full details:
If you plug-in and use the autoresponder integration then every single member you refer to the system will be added to your autoresponder contact list. This means you can contact them as often as you like and sell other products or programs to them.. of which you keep 100% of whatever you earn from those other programs. Most marketers agree that with an optimized list you can earn $1 or more per month per subscriber. Cha-Ching!
The system also allows for even much more income potential....
You can also plug in your primary business opportunity and up to 15 other programs of your choice to display to your referrals. This is multiple streams of income on auto-pilot! You earn whatever those programs (which you choose) pay out!
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