Subject: Say Hello To My New Friends

Just thought you would like to know! I sent some money to Philippines to-day to my loved ones and to my Suprise it only cost me $3:00 the company is named "Remitly" and if you use my link you will be making money not spending money they pay $15 on all new people so the idea is to join and use their service and recommend to some one else.Then you shall make money
Love these companies that pay me money! YOU will love them too.
Be a big Dreamer and Think Big are the voices that Reverend Brian Richards when working on a new project only 3 weeks away from 2020 RevBrian's-Bookstore is dreaming big for a best seller "Are You In Christ" we as a team are dreaming big and this book is available on and the the purpose is to raising money for the victims of Floods and Earthquakes in Philippines and South East China sea." Word of Faith Ministries International" is a registered Charity doing an evangelist ministry that visits Philippines as much as each year at least one or two possible times, to preach s, healing and deliverance. These videos go freely to all on the mailing list with free e-book-downloads, and purchases of hard copy books at  Visions and Dreams, video by Reverend Dr. Brian Richards  Remitly is a great way to transfer money to your love ones. if this failed then click on the photo
p.o. box 316 plumpton, 2761, Sydney, Australia
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