Subject: I Am Excited About My Upgraded Website-You Will Be Also.

The Main reason for me to be excited is I can see the possibility in selling my products and changing people lives in the process you see I was almost killed as I got hit by a speeding vehicle drove their car into the rear of my car. My vehicle was stationed waiting for the traffic lights to change when a speeding vehicle came behind and hit me at an estimated speed of 130 klms per hour and squashed me in my vehicle like a squeeze box but the music coming out was my blood, as I was whip-lashed and thrown through front window. That was 1998 I have since recovered after a long ordeal of going through many doctors and physiotherapy, anxiety and wanting to kill my self.
But the got strength from the Spirit of God as I cried out to God for help. To take my mind off all the things I was going through, I began to write I was never really a good writer and even now after writing 20 books I don't consider my self a good writer.
However the people whom have read some of my material have had healing in their bodies and cleaning in their minds. I have a friend whom was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 Cancer and was not expect to live 3 months. After reading some of my book material and a visit from my wife and myself, we prayed for him and he got his healing its been two years now and the doctors said he has no sign of cancer any where in his body: so he walks around now with a big smile on his face all the time.
       This is just one of the many testimonies we can share with you about many people have healing and deliverance from their sickness and diseases. By getting the word out we can give to the poor in Asian Countries like Philippines, and China, India and Pakistan I have been invited to preach please help make a dream come true. You can become a partner with me by selling my books click the link here NOW
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when you dont see me on the internet this is what I am busy doing I like to write books. They are not as professional as other peoples but the words I speak is all from God. This is what makes them exceptional. have a look please and give comments.  

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