Subject: Here Is An Important Statement For Every-body!

Most of us are like the rest of us? 
This message is so important for your health and general well-being! We have let things slip by and need this gentle reminder? Most of us are like the rest of us?
http://trafficbuilder2.comWe are all this way…
As human beings, we are all this way. Until the pain of staying where we are is strong and painful enough, most of us don’t take action to make any changes in our life & business. It is much easier and more comfortable to stay where we are. We just deal with the “issues” or challenges of the current situation…until we can’t anymore. What I want my phone to do is provide a reliable way to communicate when I am away from my Home-office, especially with clients who need a quick reply. Only as that process continued to be faulty, unreliable, and stressful did I finally decide to shop for and buy a new phone (knowing there would be a learning curve before I was proficient in using the new phone, but I am not talking about just a phone, I am talking about the life we lead).
Do you see or sense how this plays out in your life? How many situations are you tolerating or accepting that are holding you back from making 2020 your best year of your life?
The year is now officially over. Where did the first 11 months go? They flew by for me as I’ve focused on building my business, serving amazing clients, participating in events, learning, re-branding, re-designing a new web site (coming soon!), and planning out the rest of the new year.
Give yourself the gift of the freedom to change.
Do yourself a favour this coming New Year: Give yourself the gift of the freedom to change! Whatever you want to do this year, you can still do it…all!... It all starts with a decision. Then defining the first steps to make it happen.
If this is the year for you to get your life back on track & your-book finished and published and you feel stalled or stuck, let’s talk! Just go here and send me a note that you are ready for that to change now!
The modern day Prophet has been sadly miss-understood, and been shunned to a place of the too hard basket. I personally started as an Intercessor and Intercessory Prayer was my main focus for many years, and still is to this day after 35 years of being an Ordained Minister. However people have called me Pastor because the Denominational Institute I belonged to at that time only Recognised Pastor’s.
So everyone called for ministry was a Pastor, latter people called me Reverend because I studied to understand myself: so in University to achieve my Bachelor of Social Sciences, and advanced diploma of Police Psychology. 
“X Alcoholic-Preachers make pulpits famous; prophets make prisons famous.
One of the most important things you can do in life is learning how to hear from God. The world in its present condition is just too messed up to try to live here on your own. No, you need help from above and you need it right now. You need to become more sensitive to those inward promptings and when you do hear from Him yield: Amen
If we’re feeling blessed, we won’t be stressed! “Having an attitude of Gratitude is a great Advantage”
Gratitude has power! At Thanksgiving, we are reminded of all our blessings and hopefully, find time to express our appreciation.
I just came across Michael Hyatt’s pod cast calledthe Gratitude Advantage“. While we may think the evidence of gratitude is primarily external, the latest research reveals that thankfulness has huge benefits to us personally and internally.
Did you know we can’t be stressed and thankful at the same time? When we are grateful, we also feel a deep sense of fulfillment and humility. If we’re feeling blessed, we won’t be stressed.
Take a look at the benefits to us personally.
  • Improved health, including sleeping better, helping to control our blood pressure, and reducing stress
  • Greater happiness with our lives. Having the “attitude of gratitude” also makes us more pleasant to be around.
  • Success and advancement. When we express gratitude for our team (even if our “team” consists of a part time assistant or contract resources), fans, clients, friends, and colleagues, it creates forward momentum and more success.
  • Empowerment to accomplish our goals. It keeps us in the game and moving forward.
If you are travelling this Thanksgiving holiday or are looking for more insights into the power of gratitude, check out the full pod cast and transcription here.
With all the turmoil in our world and the busyness of life, do you find it hard to practice gratitude?
Here are a few ideas to help us strengthen the important habit of gratitude.
  • Be thankful for the little things. Look for the many blessings in your life.
  • Start (or continue) your gratitude journal. Just a few minutes each day can make a big difference!
  • Surround yourself with family, friends, and colleagues who love You, support, and uplift you.
  • Spread kindness. When we do something for others without expecting anything in return, we experience the joy of thanks-giving (and gratitude).
And remember…If we’re feeling blessed, we won’t be stressed!
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