Subject: Have you seen the latest Healing,Salavation & Deliverance

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Reverend Brian Richards"Be Care-Free in the Lord" Cast all your care's onto Jesus and pray the same prayer the Apostle Paul the title of his latest message many people being healed of condemnation due to this healing message & raising money for the victims of Floods and Earthquakes in Philippines and South East China sea."Word of Faith Ministries International"is a registered Charity doing an evangelist ministry that visits Philippines as much as each year at least one or two possible times, to preach salvation, True Prosperity, healing and deliverance. These videos go freely to all on the mailing list with free e-book-downloads, and purchases of hard copy CLICK ON THE BELL TO PARTNER WITH US FOR FREE! To be on our mailing list click here Lifes Blessings by RevBrian-Missionary Family Sydney Australia.P.O. BOX 316 PLUMPTON,NSW2761 AUST. (3 part series) This is (part 3)The Spirit of Elijah Restoration ="Law of Increase by power of Association" Be Care Free: by Rev Dr. Brian Richards & His Missionary Team. Many people receive healing through having the correct mindset: The Recreated Human Spirit: By Reverend Dr. Brian Richards/ Pastor Erlinet Quizo Richards & Joshua Brian Richards The Spirit of Elisha Must Come Before the Return of Jesus Christ! Freedom in the Elijah Spirit(part 2) Richards- MISSIONARY FAMILY - By Reverend Dr. Brian Richards & Missionary Family (part 1) the Spirit of Elisha is coming soon.
We are hoping a lot more people are ready to send us a praise report of the way God has touched them and they got healed?
We love to share your good reports on our recording next week we ready to give our praise reports. Also to send out free electronic downloads like this one you have got here! (See the attachment here)
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