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Rajab 1, 1437
April 8, 2016
Assalam Aleykum dear Rahima supporter.
We at Rahima Foundation wish you and your family the blessings of the months of Rajab (month of Allah), Shaban (month of the Prophet pbuh), and Ramadan (month of his ummah).
In this communication, I am including a letter from one of our very dedicated volunteers, Sr. Zainab, who describes her experiences at Rahima, which we would like to share with you:

“I am so sorry we will not be able to help you this year”, I said in my most apologetic manner to the young couple standing in front of me with their 2016 application form for assistance from Rahima Foundation, so meticulously filled out. I continued, “According to this, your monthly income exceeds your expenses by a good amount, and we need to help those whose expenses are much more than their income. I am so sorry again.”
“Please don’t apologize”, the wife spoke up. “Rahima Foundation was there for us when we arrived in the US, and really needed help. We will always be grateful for that.” The husband added “And this year, Alhamdulillah, we both managed to find jobs; and although we don’t save much, I realize that there are others who are more deserving than us.” And the young woman continued, “ I know if we run into a problem, although I hope not, we can come back to you.”
I have been volunteering at Rahima Foundation for a few months and this was not the first time I wanted to cry. So many names, so many faces… some managing to hide the pain of their deprivations, and some not managing so well. Some physically challenged, some too old to work, some temporarily unemployed, others with large families trying to make ends meet. And this despite getting help from the Government. The Bay Area is an expensive place to live in, its as simple as that.
“We do the best we can with the zakah and sadaqah donations that people give us”, says Sr. Habibe, the founder of Rahima Foundation. And I have been here long enough to know what she means. Making that money go a long way, whether it is buying at wholesale prices, encouraging people to donate Eid ul Adha, Aqiqah and sadaqah meat, so it can be frozen in huge freezers until it is distributed, or keeping operational costs to a minimum - these are just some of the innumerable ways of making sure that whoever applies, and qualifies to receive help, gets the help. And then there is the amazing team of enthusiastic volunteers that come on the monthly food distribution day to ensure that everything works like clockwork. The “menu”- fresh produce, meat or chicken, pastry, breads, oil, flour, rice, cereal, milk and other groceries, plus toiletries all come together as an impressive sight on individual carts, that can be wheeled out after the approved “clients” have signed the food binder. And of course, those who cannot make it that day, continue to be served throughout the month.
“If it were not for the generosity of the people of this area, none of this would be possible,” says Sr. Habibe. “People here have incredibly big hearts, but we are always looking for more funds due to the steady flow of new applicants, and returning applicants in dire need. We try not to turn anyone away if they qualify for help, and somehow Allah provides.” I knew exactly what she meant. Like the time when we were running low on meat, and the same day a gentleman walked in with 40 bags of sadaqah meat, followed the next day by a lady who brought more meat, as though they knew we were low on meat. May Allah bless them. These are what Sr. Habibe calls the “little miracles” that we witness frequently.
Here at Rahima Foundation, every day for me continues to be a truly learning and a humbling experience. It is also an opportunity to marvel at how Allah, in His infinite wisdom, gives certain people the privilege to be the intermediaries for the predetermined provisions of some of His less privileged servants. Such is His magnanimity that He not only blesses those people with abundance, but also rewards them for sharing it with others.

We hope you enjoyed reading Sr. Zainab’s letter as much as we did, and we hope you will continue to be a part of this work.

We thank you for sending us your email address. If you still need to do that, please send us an email so we will have your email address for future communications, as well as to send your 2016 donation receipts electronically.

Wishing you all the blessings of these three holy months.
Jazak Allahu Kheyrun for your generous support.
Ishrat Husain
Executive Director

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