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LibraryBub Books March 29
Paper, Scissors, Death (Book One of the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery series)
by Joanna Campbell Slan

Every scrapbook tells a story — memories of friends, family.. .and murder!

Mousy housewife Kiki Lowenstein has two great loves: scrapbooking and her young daughter, Anya. But her happy family album is ruined when her husband, George, is found naked and dead in a hotel room. Kiki's scissor-sharp words make her the prime suspect.

As Kiki tracks down George's murderer, she discovers his sordid secret life. Supported by her loyal friends, along with a little help (and a lot of stomach flutters) from the dashing detective Chad Detweiler, can Kiki design a new life for herself and Anya?

Honors: Finalist, Best First Novel, Agatha Awards; Readers' Favorite five stars; Amazon Best Seller; seen on NBC, CBS and Fox

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-1543022360

Looking for Love (Book One of the True Love Romance series) 
by Cindee Bartholomew

Maximus Aurelius Moore, Alabama boy and Apache pilot, is heir to an Italian fortune. He’s managed to keep that a secret.

His life is under control until he takes a trip to Vegas. The second he sees her, he knows. She's the headlining dancer at Been Jammin' and she turns his world upside down. Watching her tease a birthday boy tied to a chair sparks something thunderous inside Moore. He has to fight the urge to jerk her off him and plant his fist right in his face. He so wants to feel her fire consume him. That has never happened to him before! He has never lost his cool over a woman. But she isn't just any woman. Seary’s a star and she’s simply stunning!

Can Moore extinguish the flame of desire before it consumes him, exposes his secrets and destroys his life? Or will he give in to this burning passion to have her all to himself?

Honors: seen on NBC, CBS and Fox

Category: Romance

ISBN: 978-1977771551
Legends of the Grail: stories of Celtic goddesses
by Ayn Cates Sullivan 

This book is an award-winning collection of Irish myths and legends told in the traditional way with a twist; each goddess is invited to share her story in her own way. In retelling their tales, these archetypal figures free themselves from centuries of misunderstanding. The author brings urgency and relevance to the psychological reality behind the goddess within each human psyche.

The grail is a symbol of the goddess, the deeply nurturing and life-affirming aspect of each awakened human; a cup of deep wisdom from which the brave drink, and are transformed.

The author offers a viable passage into a personal mythic journey. Meditations and visualizations allow intimate contact with each goddess. The book includes practical suggestions for utilizing the archetypal values embedded symbolically and firmly in the specified goddess in order to facilitate psychological revival and continued health, and finally, a poetic blessing to access the less structured but higher nature of the human mind. The book invites each reader to invoke the goddess within.

As readers enjoy the Irish mythology and folklore, they will be able to understand the Celtic goddesses... These healing stories take readers on a quest to discover their true nature and find their way to truth, love, health and wisdom. — Readers' Favorite

Honors: Winner, Compilations and Anthologies, London Book Festival; seen on NBC, CBS and Fox

Category: Religion & Spirituality

European Memories: travels and adventures through 15 countries (Book Four of the Travels and Adventures series)
by Ndeye Labadens

This book is a compilation of years of travels in Europe. It’s a helpful guide for visiting the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the Vatican City.

The author provides answers to travelers’ questions such as why choose one European country over another and how to plan a European business trip.

Complimentary videos, photographs and a bonus book are included with this book.

Readers are taken through these 15 European countries in an elegant, concise and methodical way. — Goodreads

Honors: seen on NBC, CBS and Fox

Category: Travel

ISBN: 978-1976762093

And Then I Am Gone: a Walk with Thoreau
by Mathias B. Freese

This book tells the story of a New York City man who becomes an Alabama man. Despite his radical migration to simpler living and a late-life marriage to a saint of sorts, his persistent pet anxieties and unanswerable questions follow him.

Mathias Freese wants his retreat from the societal "it" to be a brave safari for the self rather than cowardly avoidance, so who better to guide him but Henry David Thoreau, the self-aware philosopher who retreated to Walden Pond "to live deliberately" and cease "the hurry and waste of life"? In this memoir, Freese wishes to share how and why he came to Harvest, Alabama (both literally and figuratively), to impart his existential impressions and concerns, and to leave his mark before he is gone.

Honors: seen on NBC, CBS and Fox

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

ISBN: 978-1627875387

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
Wheels of Wisdom: life lessons for the restless spirit
by Tim and Debbie Bishop

After three tours, totaling over 10,000 miles, Tim and Debbie Bishop have discovered wisdom and truth from the seat of a bicycle. In Wheels of Wisdom, they share the life lessons they learned on the open road.

In each lesson of this book, the authors provide practical insights, inspiration and encouragement, along with personal reflection questions to help the reader access the same wisdom.

This book gives instructions on how to adopt the right mindset; how to conquer fear, worry and inaction; how to overcome obstacles; and most importantly, how to relish life's journey.

Certain principles are universal whether someone is bicycling across America or chasing a lifelong dream.

"a book that will help readers shift their perspective, confront their fears and inner demons, face life with more courage and openness, and learn to enjoy the surprises that occasionally come their way... it is encouraging, inspiring, and uplifting." — Readers' Favorite

Honors: Winner, Inspiration, National Indie Excellence Awards; Gold Medal, Christian Devotional, Readers' Favorite International Book Awards; Bronze Medal, Devotional, Illumination Book Awards; Reviewers' Choice, Small Press Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review; seen on NBC, ABC and Fox

Category: Self-Help

ISBN: 978-0985624866
Did I Say Never?
by Kim Nugent

This book is a 32-year emotional journey of love, frustration, challenges and inspiration told by a stepmother about her son, who has special needs. Kim describes the step-by-step journey and the angels that appeared just at the right time to guide them.

The intention of the book is to provide questions, resources and tools for each family that has a child who has special needs. It is also a helpful guide for teachers and for caregivers.

Honors: Amazon Best Seller; seen on NBC, ABC and Fox

ISBN: 978-1627470780
Dare to be the Change
by Annella Metoyer

In this book, Annella Metoyer courageously shares the details of her life’s challenges and her family’s dedication to positive change. She offers hope for readers through her struggles and accomplishments. Starting with the integration of her small-town public school, she encounters a life-changing experience that sets her on a path of ‘being the change’.

Not only did she face the challenges when women were not the voice in the room, but she also did so as a person of color. From coworkers to disgruntled customers, she lived the evolution of attitudes. With each adversity, she became more determined to take the challenge and turn it into an advantage.

Annella Metoyer was blessed to experience many firsts. For example, she was the first person of color employed by a local bank and ultimately became the City president for a large corporate bank. Her journey took an unexpected turn due to a transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Dare to be the Change will resonate with anyone who has ever faced adversities and has wanted to find the strength to make this world a better place.

Honors: Amazon Best Seller; seen on NBC, ABC and Fox

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1627472487
Spiritual Verse Today: God's Light
(Book One of the Spiritual Verse Today series)

by Sharon CassanoLochman

This book is an inspirational read from award-winning author Sharon CassanoLochman. Thousands have found daily comfort and hope through her poetic verse.

Spiritual Verse Today’s inspirational messages offers relief from the heaviness of life or from crooked trails taken or from the daily distractions that tug at the heart left untended or the sorrows overwhelming even on the brightest of days.

The author helps readers through her writing to find forgiveness for the past, peace in the moment and hope for the future.

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC and Fox

Category: Religion & Spirituality

ISBN: 978-1944878948

Susceptible Heart
by S. A. Mead

Carly is an empath. She feels other people’s pain. She is acutely aware of being different than most people but has no idea what to do about it. If it isn’t enough to be in constant turmoil because the world is so full of maliciousness, hatred and evil, Carly seems to have no trouble finding plenty of pain of her own. She is a joyous soul yet deeply intuitive and introspective. What will she do with her gift, if you can call it that? How will she survive the trials and challenges that she walks right into all the time? Can a person so sensitive tolerate so much ill will?

All Carly has ever done is love. She loves to learn and grow. She loves all people, big and small, dark or light, sad or happy. She is as close to being free of judgement and prejudice as a person can be. But Carly is a sociopath magnet. Maybe these emotional vampires sense her strong sensitivity and empathy. Perhaps Carly is a target because she is genuinely good. But she has no idea how to defend herself or fight back.

Honors: seen on NBC, CBS and Fox

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1627472418

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