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Best Independent Books October 29
Manage My Emotions:
what I wish I’d learned in school about anger, fear and love

by Ken Martz

This book examines a range of emotions, such as fear, anger, joy, compassion, grief and love. It considers how these motivate people and how they sabotage people. It offers people a wide range of strategies to address them.

With an emphasis on emotional management, the goal is finding a balance across a range of emotions. The author provides clear, simple examples to help demonstrate common concerns and
solutions in a range of areas, including communication, relationships, employment, substance use and culture.

Some things should be taught in school, but since they aren’t, they’re presented here. It’s an opportunity for people to make changes for the better.

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Category: Self-Help

ISBN: 978-1735710914

Redbirds, Roses & Ghosts
by Gayle Young

This book is a collection of writing of various literary genres, all shaped around a memoir of a retired office worker who has always dreamed of becoming a successful novelist.

Short fictional stories and poems are interspersed with memories of childhood and motherhood and with comical tales of the daily life of a grandmother.

The author colorfully describes a journey of poignant memories, literary dreams and the day-to-day reality of family life in retirement.

Her positive approach, with her beautifully rendered conversational prose, makes even the sad times seem bearable, and she challenges her readers to live happily into retirement. — Goodreads

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Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN 978-1949711035 

Six Critical Essays on Film:
a college guide for film appreciation

by Mike Kimmel

This book is a clear, succinct guide to studying and understanding feature films as both a medium of communication and artistic expression. Intended for college and adult school students, it offers a short but diverse selection of films from the 1920s through 1970s for review and application. 

Written by a college instructor and entertainment-industry insider, who has worked with Francis Ford Coppola, the book provides active, workable solutions to break films down into their component parts, evaluate elements that work well, and identify those that miss their mark. Fellow actor William Wellman Jr. tells how the book “truly provides an awareness to the details of filmmaking,” remarking how it is “packed with critical information” and “hits a home run for students, fans and professionals”.

Critical thinking skills and an outside-the-box approach are encouraged to help students write film essays of their own that stand out boldly from the college crowd. This book provides specific strategies for success to assist students of film on a variety of courses.

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Category: Arts & Photography

ISBN 978-0998151359 

Getting By
by Jaire Sims

Carver Goodman dreams of becoming a photographer, but first he needs to graduate from high school. He spends his junior year worrying about the same things that affect his peers — things like taking the ACT, bullying and falling in love for the first time.

Carver's situation is, however, a bit different, because he's beginning to suspect that he’s gay. As he struggles to understand himself in terms of his sexuality and how he fits into the world, he learns a lot about who he is and finds the strength to overcome the challenges life throws his way.

This book is a touching and poignant coming-of-age novel that will resonate with any person who has ever felt like he doesn’t quite fit.

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Category: Young Adult

ISBN: 978-1734860801 

Hacking Elite College Admissions:
50 surprising insights on the college application process

by Gaelle Pierre-Louis

Most elite colleges typically accept only about 2,000 students for their incoming class? Among competitive schools, the number of students who submit applications more than doubled, but the acceptance rates sank from 18.4 percent to less than 10 percent in the past decade. Thousands of students around the world face rejection from their dream schools every year. Despite these odds, success in the college application process is possible. 

While the college application process can be overwhelming, this comprehensive guide includes expert advice from admissions officers with accurate, up-to-date information. The author uses her knowledge as a former college admissions officer to demystify the process and provides helpful tips for high-school students as they embark on this journey. 

The author also explains how to build a balanced college list; the role of testing and grades in the college application process; how to motivate your advocates to write excellent letters of recommendation; the criteria admissions committees use to evaluate applications; and the importance of applying for scholarships by the deadline in order to make college affordable for you and your family

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Category: Education

ISBN 978-1641379304 

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
4 steps to personal empowerment

by Adele Spraggon

For many people, patterns of behaviour continuously get in the way and stop them from getting the things they want most in their lives. Forget commitment, willpower, positive thinking, mindset techniques or better goal-setting. These approaches are a thing of the past. 

Using the mind to fix our problems is simply not the answer. Current brain research proves that people are not in control of their choices. Instead, people’s decisions are the result of decision-making patterns that were created early in life and that continue to control their lives. To take different actions, they need to change their patterns. That means no blame in their past, no shame in their future and nothing to fix in their present. There are only patterns, and patterns can be changed. 

This book provides the necessary knowledge and step-by-step instructions to change people’s behaviours, actions or beliefs permanently in less than six weeks. 
Honors: Winner, Canada Book Award; Winner, Personal Growth & Development, Book Excellence Awards; seen on CBS
Category: Self-Help 

ISBN: 978-0991936922

Beloved Mother
by Laura Hunter

This braided narrative explores the lives of three women surviving in the harsh environment of an Appalachian mining town from the 1920s to the 1960s. 

Two religions contrast with each other — the Cherokee spirits of the native people and the Old Testament God of the white settlers — as each woman struggles to find her place. Love and hate, marriage and adultery, childbirth and abortion — all have their parts to play. 

This novel accurately portrays the evilness in humanity; how the wicked corrupt the innocent to create a vicious cycle of abuse, until one person with a heart of understanding and forgiveness has the courage to end it.

As visceral as certain scenes become, the writing maintains a tight balance between imparting discomfort for the sake of building up the book’s mythical tones and presenting discomfort as a bold fact... Beloved Mother is an unforgettable look at Appalachia’s women.
— Foreword Reviews

Honors: 1st Place, Fiction, Next Generation Indie Book Awards; Finalist, Best New Fiction, American Fiction Awards; Winner, Literary Titan Book Award; seen on CBS

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1934610985

Book Title Generator:
a proven system in naming your book

by Scott Lorenz

People don’t buy a book unless first attracted by the title and cover. If the title doesn’t grab them, it’s game over. That’s why the author created a strategy for naming books that’ll get the attention of potential buyers. This book is designed to help authors and publishers spark the idea to lead them to the perfect book title. It’s the surefire way to find a winning title.

Using the latest methods of getting a book ranked on search engines and on Amazon, the author lays out a plan to help authors get the right title for their books. He asks them to consider all options in the quest for the perfect book title. He explores the use of numbers, alliteration, idioms and keyword research.

Many famous books we all know today started out with dreadful titles. Learn why when a title was changed, their book sales took off! As a book publicist, the author has helped title hundreds of books and promoted hundreds more. In this book, he shares his nearly three decades of book marketing experience.

Written with characteristic no-nonsense clarity, Lorenz boils down all the key points any 21st-century author needs to consider in coming up with a book title. — Goodreads

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Category: Writing Skills

ISBN: 979-8646120022 

Rama the Loneliest Llama
by Barbara Lavi

Rama used to be the world’s happiest llama. Since the schools shut down and parents are working from home, everything has changed.

Rama has become the loneliest llama. Adults turn off the scary news, friends can’t come over, and parents are stressed out. When Rama has a nightmare, Mama and Dad explain what’s happening. Then they come up with ways they can help Rama and the community cope with the crisis.

The author, a child psychologist, was inspired to write the book when she noticed a llama in her neighborhood was on its own in a field and that it appeared lonely, coming to the fence for her company. This timely book is cleverly illustrated by artist Matt Bogdanow with a combination of realist photographs and imaginative drawings that evokes a live-action animated movie.

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Category: Children’s

ISBN: 979-8672418346 

Delilah and Others Like Her
by Trish Titus

This book contains memoirs from pet owners whose animals have died. They share what it was like adapting to having a pet join their family.

When tragedy strikes a pet down, the pain is unbearable, or when a trip to the vet is necessary and the outcome is not what was expected, the denial and grieving process has started. Heartbreaking decisions are made.

The stories that fill these pages tell how they came to be with their forever families. Their human companions learned patience, kindness, respect and love, along with an ability to take life less seriously.

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Category: Biographies & Memoirs

ISBN 978-1732335219 

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