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We are delighted to recommend the following books from the independent publishing sector.
Best Independent Books September 24
Blooms of War
by Suzanne Tierney

Vera Betts shouldn’t be falling in love with the enigmatic doctor she suspects of espionage. Reeling from her family’s betrayal, she’s faked her nursing credentials, invented a new name, and run away to the frontlines of the French battlefield.

Four years into the Great War, and she knows who she is and what she’s meant for — to save the living and sit vigil by the dying. When the cagey-yet-earnest Dr. Nicholas Wallace arrives, so do mysterious explosions destroying hospitals. Even as he raises her suspicions, he lowers her defenses. He wants the war to end. Are his acts of sabotage politically motivated or a desperate attempt at peace?

A year later, Vera is back with her oppressive family, living under her real name. Nick Wallace is on trial for murder. Trapped in grief and guilt, she cannot speak about the past, and does not believe in the future. With Nick refusing to defend himself, she ventures to London to understand why he is so willing to embrace the hangman’s noose. Who is he trying to protect? What secrets does he plan to carry to his grave? And why does he insist upon hiding her true identity? To save the man she loves, Vera must tear open the past and confront the tragic price for peace.

Vividly described... Blooms of War is filled with intrigue, and more than a hint of danger, and yet at its heart there’s a rather special romance. — Goodreads

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Romance

ISBN: 978-1735288307 

How to Live to 100:
secrets from the world’s happiest centenarians

by Elizabeth Lopez

This book shares the secrets of how regular people embrace a long, healthy and happy life. It reveals
the insights (known only by Costa Rica’s famous Blue Zone centenarians) to living a long life full of purpose.

The book consists of ten individual case studies from the Nicoya peninsula on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast.

The author explains the role peace and well-being play in day-to-day life and why connecting to others is life’s best medicine. She investigates the ways in which culture can extend life expectancy. She has also collated simple recipes that have been part of the centenarians’ happy and healthy way of life.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Health, Family & Lifestyle

ISBN: 978-1943386550

applying biblical and quantum energy principles
to live a transformed life

by Robin Perry Braun

The U.S. has one of the highest rates of addiction, depression, anxiety, neuropsychiatric disorders and cancer in the world. Americans use more pharmaceuticals than any other nation.

These statistics are not much different in the Church, and yet the Bible says it should not be so. Many Christians simply don’t know how to apply biblical principles of body, soul and spirit to their daily lives.

In her 30-year journey with Christ, the author has uncovered many truths in science which align with biblical principles. Much of the Church has disregarded this science, dismissing it as New Age or witchcraft. This book is an effort to align science and scripture in practical, life-giving principles that, when applied, can help people to move from just surviving to thriving, help them become world-changers.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Religion & Spirituality

ISBN: 978-1949711547 

Designed to Win:
what every business needs to know to go truly global (DHL’s 50 Years)

by Po Chung

This book, written by Po Chung, the co-founder of DHL, reveals the industry secrets that the company used to build a worldwide network that now operates in more than 200 countries and territories.

She explains how caring about things bigger than ourselves drives effective leadership. She shows how a unique marriage between Eastern and Western values inspired an intercultural leadership model. She reveals why it’s important to address leadership needs rather than management needs. She tells how to design, develop, and lead a global service network.

In this book, the author describes the reasons why superior leaders practice noble visions, competence, character and care. She delights to convey the message that happy people led by happy leaders run like a well-oiled machine.

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943386505 

Sex, Drugs, and Rocking Code:
the uncensored autobiography of an anonymous programmer

by Paul W. Carter

Brutally honest, funny and electrifying, this book is an account of the experiences of a millennial IT programmer.

Set in the heart of bustling cities, it tells of a misfit who burned the candle at both ends — working 16-hour days and indulging in 8-hour nights — only to discover later the true meaning of work, business, madness and life itself. The author reveals how boredom and eccentricity can be used as a stimulus for innovation! He also presents a template for using failure and pain to fuel success.

This book shows how to work hard, party harder, and still come out alive and brilliant.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

ISBN: 978-1943386963

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
an amazing story of a little black cat

by Leyla Atke

The author was inspired to write this book by an amazing and strange experience she had in the summer of 2006. She formed a profound bond with a young stray cat called Charm. All was going well but the cat’s natural curiosity took over, so he eagerly explored the neighborhood. One day, the author noticed that Charm was missing and she began looking for him. The cat was nowhere to be found.

This is a tender and loving story of a small cat that is found, lost and found again under the most mysterious conditions.

This book provides an opportunity to think about the miracle of life and to consider life after death. This very personal account of the author’s experience is accompanied by her poignant illustrations.

Atke shows her gift of being first and foremost a storyteller. Her words and art are simple yet imbued with love and expression. — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Honorable Mention, Non-Fiction – Animals, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards; Finalist, Children’s Non-Fiction, International Book Awards; seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Children’s

ISBN: 978-1939484338

Drink CBD Stop Pain
by Gregory Arana

This book explains the role of CBD in pain relief, in helping people to get to sleep faster, in reducing anxiety, and many other areas of day-to-day health and fitness.

The author outlines the hidden secrets of hemp — a plant used in human healing for some 10,000 years. He explores the many benefits of CBD oil as natural medicine. Surprising benefits include better breathing for asthma/COPD patients and natural weight loss for women.

The book provides personal stories of how CBD is changing their lives every day. They want to share CBD with others, and the author uses their stories to encourage readers to use CBD to improve their everyday health.

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Health & Fitness

ISBN: 978-1657383173

(Book Two of the Dudley & Friends series)

by Lori Brown

It’s the first day of school, and Dudley, a farm dog, is ready to have some fun! Ms. Annabelle, the alpaca, is teaching in the barn and other young animals on the farm.

The class is learning about nouns. The animals have lots of ideas after learning the new grammar rules. Who knew a barn was such a great place for school?

This book is part of a series about Dudley. Along with the other young animals growing up on the farm, he learns about some of the very same subjects that children are taught in school.

Adorable illustrations... The rhyming narration will help with the development of emergent literacy skills. — Goodreads

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Category: Children’s

ISBN: 978-1949711288

The Financially Independent Millennial:
how I became a millionaire in my thirties

by Rick Orford

This book shares how one regular millennial became a millionaire by the age of 35! The author currently operates the Surplus Academy, an online community that helps people to achieve financial independence., and this book is an extension of that program.

The author describes the steps necessary to becoming financially free. He explains how being broke can teach you how to be wealthy. He shows how to examine your cash flow and improve it. There is detailed guidance on budgeting, cutting expenses, and building a surplus account.

The author also gives well-informed advice about business projects that can form part of the journey to financial independence, including buying and selling real estate, investing in stocks, and operating successful side hustles.

Rick Orford has written a book filled with actionable steps... The writing is simple and the voice is bold. — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Finalist, Non-Fiction – Occupational, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards; seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943386482

The First Day of School
by Ann Marie Hannon

When Lila’s mother cannot take her to her first day of school, she tries to be brave, but she has worries, and they make her feel sad.

What will happen when Lila steps off the iconic yellow bus and into school for the first time? Will she be able to overcome the tears?

Find out how Lila turns her sadness into a feeling of excitement so that she gets to have a great time.

A cute and reassuring tale for the little ones in gentle rhyme... one that other children can learn from — Authorsden

Honors: seen on CBS and NBC

Recognition for Author: Silver Award, Children’s Picture Books, Mom’s Choice Awards, 2019

Category: Children’s

ISBN: 978-1952244711

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