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We are delighted to recommend the following books from the independent publishing sector.
Best Independent Books June 25
by Doug Setter

Les Kingsley is a put-down, bullied and beat-up teenager. He spends his days scared of work, school and even of home.

Fate puts Les under the wing of a wanted gangster, who teaches him how to fight and win in an uncaring world. The bullies, though, want to keep him in his place to the point of hurting him badly and dangerous men and the police want the gangster.

With all sides closing in, loyalties are tested and revenge takes unexpected turns.

Honors: Winner, Teen Fiction, Global Ebook Awards; seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Young Adult

ISBN: 978-1105082795

After December
by Kasie Whitener

Tony is dead. He killed himself 3,000 miles away. Brian Listo is going home. Five days; four best friends who don’t forgive him; three women who can’t stand him; two parents who don’t trust him; one unforgivable sin he can’t hide from anymore — those are the numbers that Brian has to face. He’s back in Virginia despite the craters he left at New Year’s; back to eat crow; to beg forgiveness; to explain himself to those who will listen.

Except there’s one person who can no longer hear him. Growing up, Tony always covered for Brian; made even his most heinous sins seem like minor infractions. But without Tony to play defense, Brian must learn to apologize. It’s time to come clean. Can he earn forgiveness? Does he deserve it? Or does he just need a clean break?

Like Ethan Hawke’s The Hottest State, this novel catches a young man enjoying the peak of his greed while the most important part of his life falls apart. Brian’s loss resembles the nostalgic self-consciousness of those emerging from adolescence into the hard realities of adulthood; yet redemption lingers as it did for all of us.

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1683505815 

You Can’t Google It!:
the compelling case for cross-generational conversation at work

by Phyllis Weiss Haserot

This book is a tool to help organizations and individuals remove the stress, frustration and negative energy that often arises from working with people of different generations so they understand and are able to accomplish their common goals faster, profitably and sustainably with more committed colleagues and clients.

Much of the learning, skills and perspective people need to succeed in their careers is not found in data on the Internet. Using 10 unique concepts you can’t learn, acquire, or practice by Googling, the author teaches people from all five generations how to attract and retain clients/customers of different generations with cross-generational strategies; how to integrate meaningful cross-generational conversation into the culture and business model of an organization; and how to unite diverse generations as an effective bridge for leading change with trust and empathy

Though the book doesn’t deal with COVID-19 and its impact, the perennial content is especially relevant to anyone of any generation seeking new jobs, promotions, retention or career pivots as marketplace demands change.

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1683505815 

Grabbing Lightning:
the messy quest for an extraordinary love

by Donald Marrs and Paige Marrs

This gripping memoir explores what it means to trust the belief and the hope that extraordinary love is indeed possible; a love that surpasses what people usually experience.

Donald Marrs was 20 years into his career as a powerful ad executive when, in his early forties, he found himself in a full-life crisis. His marriage was crumbling, he was working on client products that conflicted with his values, and he felt like he had reached the end of the road in himself.

Then the unimaginable happened. A spiritually transformative epiphany — an out-of-body experience — turned his world upside down. Finally, he understood why so many of his past choices had backfired and why old relationships had failed. Without hesitation, he vowed to let his new perceptions about the transcendent nature of love guide his choices going forward. That life-altering turn was to transform his career and love life forever.

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

ISBN: 978-0925887030

Toward Happier Choices
by Michael Oborn

We all face adversity amidst physical, mental and emotional challenges, and this book is about becoming self-reliant in terms of creating a powerful future. It can also become a battle plan for addressing life’s challenges and the key to unlocking undiscovered leadership potential.

Through the author’s own stories of adversity, this book provides an overview of practical leadership principles. By exploring what effective leaders actually do and how they do it, the principles of personal effectiveness can be seen. There are also clear insights into how visionary leadership can develop and inspire people to achieve more than they thought they could.

Leadership can be an illusion of control, but changing our perspective on everyday experiences can provide inspirational learning opportunities for personal growth and development.

The author’s voice shines throughout the narrative... it is his expert use of retrospection that makes this book truly engaging. — OnlineBookClub

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Biographies & Memoirs

ISBN: 978-1793809193 

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
No Pit So Deep, Part I
(Book One of the Cody Musket series)

by James Nathaniel Miller II

Thrilling, tragic, funny and inspirational, this is a story of honor, courageous love and finding faith.

Cody Musket, a Medal of Honor winner and celebrity athlete, carries dark secrets that are destroying him. Brandi Barnes, a gutsy Pittsburgh writer whose editorials have exposed a child-trafficking ring, is also in trouble. Her adversaries want her dead. The worst of circumstances brings the two together when Brandi is brutally attacked. Cody rescues her, the incident goes viral, and soon the Houston Astros third baseman and the valiant reporter are both targets.

Can Cody protect Brandi while battling the demons of his own military past? The nightmares, the Taliban, the captive children, the questions. What are the generals and politicians hiding? Brandi will risk everything, but can she uncover the truth in time to save him? The world understands guns and bombs, but underestimates the healing virtue of courageous love.

Masterfully written with characters and situations that are well developed — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Bronze Medal, Contemporary Christian Romance, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards; Finalist, Romance, Authors Talk About It Book Awards; Finalist, Top Shelf Book Awards; seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-0692857304

No Pit So Deep, Part II
(Book Two of the Cody Musket series)

by James Nathaniel Miller II

Cody Musket has become a baseball icon, but plays a more dangerous game. The former US Marine spearheads a secret war on child traffickers. His goal is to seek and destroy with no one suspecting, rescuing hundreds of vulnerable children in the process.

Soon, though, Cody’s secret is out, and traffickers retaliate by abducting 6-year-old Knoxi. Cody and Brandi lead a team of avengers to rescue her in South America.

Being a resourceful girl, however, Knoxi has the traffickers right where she wants them, and becomes a symbol of hope, resulting in the liberation of an entire nation.

An intense and gripping story… The fast-paced storyline was interspersed perfectly with moments of conflict and endearing scenes between the characters. — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Recognition for Author: Bronze Medal, Contemporary Christian Romance, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, 2017

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-0692857311

Knoxi’s World
(Book Three of the Cody Musket series)

by James Nathaniel Miller II

Which is more terrifying — watching children suffer or doing something about it? A midnight escape in a crippled aircraft carrying a rescued child; jagged peaks below, dodging bullets, losing altitude; and she asks herself, “Is this what it means to do God’s work?”

Knoxi Musket has come of age. She has found love and has earned a scholarship to play basketball for Texas University, but her life must be put on hold. International power brokers are enslaving thousands of children with impunity. Someone must bring them down. The 3-year-old boy she is protecting holds the key.

Cody’s adoptive daughter Knoxi in vintage Musket tradition risks all to save the children. This romantic thriller has more twists than a Texas tornado along with love that will break your heart in a good way.

The story begins on a suspenseful but exciting note, and before long, it feels like one is watching a thrilling movie through the pages of a book. — ILoveUniqueBooks

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Recognition for Author: Bronze Medal, Contemporary Christian Romance, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, 2017

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-1982019518

Land Without Shame
(Book Four of the Cody Musket series)

by James Nathaniel Miller II

Cody Musket Jr. has assumed leadership of his family’s ongoing battle against child traffickers, but at only 22 years old, he is torn between his desire for vengeance and his higher calling. His SEAL survival training has revealed his strengths, and has taught him his limitations, and yet he struggles with his identity. Is he an avenger or an evangelist?

Diamond Casper is an Oscar-winning film star whose career has blossomed after appearing nude in a blockbuster film. But her beauty has not brought her peace or love. No one likes her. She doesn’t even love herself. Cody and Diamond, strangers and unlikely allies, are cast together after their commuter flight has been hijacked. It crashes on the shore of an uncharted Caribbean island, which they soon discover is a gold mine sitting under a volcano. The mine uses homeless, underaged laborers.

Marooned on an island with traffickers and terrorists, when the volcano begins to erupt, Cody and Diamond must team up to free the children and escape the island. A thriller and a moving love story, this is a tale of honor and redemption.

Very well written... gripping and densely packed... — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Recognition for Author: Bronze Medal, Contemporary Christian Romance, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, 2017

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-1729762936 

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