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We are delighted to recommend the following books from the independent publishing sector.
Best Independent Books May 7
Bridging the Gap:
a spiritual journey to Heaven and back

by Calvin Cassady

One spring day in 1971, the author, when a teenager, was a victim in an unexplained automobile accident on a curvy Ozark mountain roadway. The impact caused the car that he was a passenger in to burst into flames, plunging him into a clouded existence that included a walk through the valley of the shadow of death. 

He was on the threshold of eternal life. Eternity surrounded him and filled him with an absolute certainty of Heaven.

Standing before God and all his creation, the author became troubled with the vision of his judgment and the life that he brought with him. Consumed with feelings of emptiness, he needed fulfillment. Bridging the Gap is the story of that miraculous event and the life of fulfillment that followed. Experience that fulfillment through the author’s spouse, his children, his students, his friends and through the lives of total strangers as they became players in the great spiritual adventures of his life. Observe as the Holy Spirit guides him through natural disasters and serious health issues, and feel the love as he takes into the mission field.

This book celebrates the ordinary, and illustrates the extraordinary results that occur during a lifetime lived for Christ.

His writing is plain… but his narrative clearly conveys honesty and sincerity. He has a wish to help and guide others who may need a reminder... that life on Earth is precious and serves a higher purpose. —- Hollywood Book Reviews

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Religion & Spirituality

ISBN: 978-1462404957

Your VIP Biography:
how to write your autobiography to land a Hollywood deal
by Al
inka Rutkowska and Kenneth Atchity

There’s a big market that’s hungry for a wide variety of personal stories, yet for all the memoirs that grab Hollywood’s attention, many, many more fail to make a mark. Why do some stories get passed over while others are snatched up by Hollywood producers? This book explains why.

USA Today bestselling author Alinka Rutkowska and Hollywood producer Kenneth Atchity together share what a memoir is and what it’s not; what a character is and how to craft a character readers and viewers identify with; how to craft a conflict that will keep your reader glued to the pages and how to up the stakes to keep the reader on the edge of her seat; and what a structure scene and theme are and how they make up a story worthy of Hollywood.

This book is essentially a guide to turning a personal story into a bestseller and then that bestseller into a movie deal!

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Recognition for Author: Bronze Medal, Business/Finance, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, 2016

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943386697

Supreme Leadership Mentors:
top entrepreneurs’ greatest business strategies

by Alinka Rutkowska

This book brings together the mentorship secrets of more than 70 CEOs who are celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2020 — that’s nearly 2,000 years of wisdom!

This book reveals the one type of mentor common to most leaders we interviewed. It describes what can be learned from mentors and how following their advice will save time, money and headaches.

The author explains that learning from mentors is common to all successful business leaders. Mentors can be found in surprising places; wherever they are encountered they can make key contributions to business strategies.

Honors: seen on ABC, NBC and CBS

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943386765

Supreme Leadership: gain 850 years of wisdom from successful business leaders
by Alinka Rutkowska

Supreme Leadership brings together the wisdom of 34 CEOs who are celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2018.

Warning: reading this book and following the advice within can cause a significant improvement of your bottom line.

Discover the six ingredients to becoming a supreme leader, even if you are just starting out.

Start reading now and discover:

• the single most powerful piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle that determines if you’ll make it in business or not
• the truth behind a mission statement (It’s one thing to have it displayed on the wall but it’s another thing to buy into. Find out how to get your team members to live by it.)
• which way of performing will put you in the selected few who make it to their 25th anniversary versus those who fail (Indifference could cost you everything.)
• the fastest way to outthink, outwork and outmaneuver your competition
• the secret to thriving in business, even during a recession
• why success in business comes down to the same principles as success in marriage.

Plus, you will get the complete list of books that have influenced the successful leaders featured in Supreme Leadership.

Start reading now to make sure you get to celebrate your 25th anniversary in style, just like the 35 leaders featured in this book.

Honors: seen on NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943386215

Supreme Leadership Habits: 70+ entrepreneurs' secrets to growing a profitable business
by Alinka Rutkowska

Do you want to improve your habits and your bottom line?
Supreme Leadership Habits brings together the winning practices of more than 70 CEOs who are celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2019 – that's almost 2,000 years of wisdom!!

Warning: reading this book and following the advice within can cause a significant improvement in your habits, and as a result, in your bottom line!

Start reading now to:
• discover how the most effective habits will ensure that your business lasts;
• find out which mistakes are commonly made, even by supreme leaders;
• discover new ways to reboot your daily habits;
• learn about the surprising everyday morning routines of supreme leaders;
• understand how giving versus taking affects your bottom line;
• find out how successful CEOs start as childhood entrepreneurs;
• learn which good habits leaders share, and how to build on them to your advantage;
• discover philosophies common to successful business leaders;
• find out the one habit common to every supreme leader we interviewed;
• learn how to turn your bad habits into your best qualities;
• discover the six surprisingly common habits practiced by supreme leaders;
and gain even more than that!

Supreme Leadership Habits answers the following question:

Which actions do top CEOs and business leaders routinely practice that got them to where they are today?

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943386345

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
Next Level Cybersecurity:
detect the signals, stop the hack

by Sai Huda

In this game-changing book, the author — recognized globally as a risk and cybersecurity expert — asks can anything be done to stop the hack. The answer is reassuring. Intensive reviews of the world’s largest hacks uncovered the secret is to detect attackers’ signals early. This book reveals what those signals are and shows how to detect them.

This book explains in detail the Top 15 signals of cyber attackers’ behavior and activity. It shows how these signals can detect the attackers. In case studies, he outlines how these signals were missed and could have detected the attackers in some of the world’s largest hacks.

The author provides a seven-step guide to implementing the signals.With this method, attackers will be detected early, the hack will be stopped, and damage will be prevented.

Honors: seen on ABC, Boston Business Journal, CBS, Fox, Market Watch, NBC and Yahoo Finance

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943386413

Why They Buy:
a bulletproof method to closing any sale

by David Fuess

Companies spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars annually teaching their people how to sell instead of investing in answering the only question that ever matters to the bottom line — why they buy.

Whether selling goods or services, this informative play-by-play guide explains how to close any sale.
In this book, the author describes how to become highly attuned to the people that are being sold to; how to present ideas to target customers in a way that they are inspired to sell themselves; and how this art of the sale creates customers for life.

Why They Buy is the ultimate guide that will show how to take sales from where they currently are to where they need to be.

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943386321

Pocket Mentor:
the entrepreneur’s guide to building a lasting business from
by Mark Nureddine

This book is the missing link between where aspiring business people are now and where they want to be. It is for entrepreneurs looking for advice on the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls of entrepreneurship.

In this comprehensive guide to launching and building a lasting business, people can find out which mistakes to avoid; learn if a business idea has the wings to fly; figure out profit margins with a proven formula; discover the type of market research that matters; learn about the legal issues of creating and running a business; read how to work effectively with suppliers; and understand how to launch your product.

All of this comes with the underlying reassurance that the author has been through it all before and has taken time to share his experience with a new generation of entrepreneurs.

It is an excellent mentoring book providing guidance, motivation and emotional support to the reader. — Goodreads

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943386291 

Outsource Your Book:
your guide to getting your business book ghostwritten, published and launched

by Alinka Rutkowska

This book shares the secrets of a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author on how to hire experts to write, publish, and launch your bestseller.

The author describes the 17 steps involved in going from a book idea to a six-figure funnel. She explains numerous aspects of the process, including how to position a book so that it’s a bestseller; where to hire a pro to craft a clever book outline; the three different types of editing; how and where to hire for interior layout and formatting; where to hire a designer for an attention-grabbing cover; and how to reach libraries and
foreign markets.

Outsource Your Book enables business leaders to become recognized as authorities in their field, to build credibility, to prepare for a consultancy, and to leave an appreciable legacy.

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943386406

Write and Grow Rich:
secrets of successful authors and publishers

by Alinka Rutkowska et al.

This book reveals the behind-the-scenes process for 24 authors who've used books to build lucrative, inspiring businesses. It contains advice for authors looking to turn books into a six-figure calling.

Write and Grow Rich shares the inspirational success stories of an incredible group of authors, marketers, teachers and trainers. By sharing their best practices, authorpreneurs, such as Alinka Rutkowska, Bryan Cohen, Marc Guberti, Daniel Hall, Adam Houge, Kristin Joy Laidig and Caitlin Pyle, provide a roadmap to the steps aspiring authors need to take to join their ranks.

This is a jam-packed guide for self-publishing authors to making their words worth more than they ever dreamed possible.

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC

Category: Business

Recognition for Author: Bronze Medal, Business/Finance, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards, 2016

ISBN: 978-1943386260 

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