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We are delighted to recommend the following books from the independent publishing sector.
Best Independent Books April 9
the definitive guide to starting a business after the age of 50

by Wendy Mayhew

As the fastest growing and most successful group of new entrepreneurs in the world, new business owners older than 50 have the experience, knowledge, initiative and skills to create successful businesses. Previously, however, there has been no catch-all guide to equip them to take on this journey.

This is an essential manual for older entrepreneurs. It gives them the necessary tools and information to start a new business successfully.

The book includes advice on how to get the most out of a coach or mentor. It provides suggestions on how to build confidence when networking. It also contains marketing recommendations for both traditional and social media. The author clearly explains the legal requirements business owners face in a changing world, and supplies key accounting and finance information.

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-0988100015

Growing Up, Poetry
by Jennelle L. White

This is a collection of poems that capture the spirit of youth. Seeing the world through youthful eyes brings back the emotions that people of all ages experience at the arrival of spring or whenever a new aspect of life starts.

The joys of childhood are experienced through whimsical poems similar to Mother Goose nursery rhymes. They spark the imagination of young minds with scenes such as the bird bath in the garden and flying a kite on a breezy day.

The verse is about nature in its many forms and how it brings each of us a sense of happiness and peace in the different seasons, in the cycles of the moon and planets in the starry skies and in the wonderful variety of creatures of different shapes and sizes, especially those that are easily encountered by young children.

White shares themes that will take the reader back in time and will stimulate the imagination of children. — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Finalist, Poetry, Book Excellence Awards; seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Children’s

ISBN: 978-0997861235

The Elon Musk Method:
business principles from the world's most powerful entrepreneur

by Randy Kirk

In this book, serial entrepreneur and bestselling author Randy Kirk looks at what lies behind the business success of Elon Musk.

He exposes 16 secret principles that guide Elon Musk in his entrepreneurial decisions. He sees Musk as a visionary entrepreneur shaped by an approach consisting of curiosity, observation, expertise, analysis, asking big questions, breaking rules, setting goals, leading, networking, valuing people, ability to execute, taking risks, overcoming obstacles, creating quality, insisting on incremental improvement, passion and persistence.

Filled with dozens of Elon Musk quotes, this is a rare opportunity to gain proven principles and methods that are unlike anything to be read elsewhere.

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943386444

Smarter Business Exits:
strategies and toolkits for corporate divorce, succession planning and joint exits

by William B. Bierce

This book helps people to identify classic solutions to foreseeable scenarios so they can plan, adapt, renew, transform, and restructure for exit excellence at different stages of the business lifecycle.

· The author explains how corporate governance for owners can protect all parties. He shows how dispute resolution can be successfully achieved while giving advice on what to do when corporate divorce litigation is foreseeable. He provides tips to special succession planning for family businesses and outlines
the five types of exit planning toolkits any business should have.

This book is an essential resource for the development of governance tools to keep co-owners fulfilling their promises of service, loyalty, productivity and commitment during business exits.

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1943386789

The Self-Discovery Book
(Book One of the Inner Self-Improvement series)

by Michael Cavallaro

This book offers the chance to embark on a breathtaking and unique journey toward self-discovery. Psychologist, international speaker, workshop leader, artist and self-improvement guru Michael Cavallaro provides the tools to look within, master human experience, awaken to a new sense of self, and discover a new way of being.

This book is a guide to taking the first steps toward inner self-improvement, self-discovery, a new way of being and expanded personal growth. It leads to an understanding of who we are, how the world works, how life works and what it means to have a human experience.

The author explains how to change, grow, and experience life in a totally new way. This book is based on the first level of the 12-month course in human mastery that the author has been delivering as an audio course.

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Self-Help

ISBN: 978-1943386734

In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
(Book One of the Call of the Lorica series)

by Anne C. Miles

Sara Moore is having crazy dreams; gryphon and dragon crazy. The scary part is that she wakes up with scratches and splinters.

Is she losing it because of stress? Her twin sister is in a coma. One more unfinished sculpture will fully tank her grades. Goodbye bachelor’s degree, hello failure. It's enough to make anyone sleepwalk.

Choosing to defy the Conclave, Trystan risks capture and mind control to find a magical lute through a shadow network. Dane meets a sinister stranger and barely escapes with his life. Together, guided by a fae only known as Sara, they will end an ancient curse, or die trying.

Miles offers a dense emotional tapestry for fantasy fans who may be looking for more than swords and sorcery. — Kirkus

Honors: Winner, Fantasy, Indies Today Book Awards; seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

ISBN: 978-0578612195

Ashes Like Bread:
a biblical novel of Lamech and his two wives

by Jean Hoefling

The prophetess Zyla is used to the elders of Adam’s clan scorning her strange glimpses into the future and bitter that she doesn’t receive the honor she believes she deserves. When her forecast of a devastating flood gets her exiled, she and her sister Adah flee the holy mountain of their childhood to live in the wilderness among descendants of the murderer Cain.

Fueled by her craving for recognition as a seer, Zyla will do anything to advance her status, even if it means stealing her sister's prominent husband or aligning with unknown spiritual powers.

When the flood she prophesied slams into Cain’s desolate outpost, she must decide what is worth risking love and death for. Will she be strong enough to seek hope on the other side of the waters, or will the devastation sweep her and her prophecies away forever?

Lyrical, evocative, and filled with religious symbolism… This is a tale that both entertains and inspires... — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Bronze Medal, Christian Fantasy, Readers’ Favorite Book Awards; seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Literature & Fiction

ISBN: 978-1732614604

Money Matters
by Brian Finney

A painful, coming-of-age novel, an exciting, amateur-sleuth tale and an intriguing narrative involving social issues (immigration and wealth disparity), this book has mystery at its core.

This debut novel is firmly embedded in Los Angeles culture during the 2010 midterm election. Jenny, 27, is the inexperienced protagonist. Faced with the tragic disappearance of a friend, she is forced to take on financial tycoons, corrupt politicians and the treacherous Baja drug cartel in her search to uncover the truth.

Her investigation takes her into the twilight world of undocumented immigrants, requiring her to seek the help of the handsome director of a rights organization to whom she is strongly attracted. But will the deadly enmity of the rich and powerful thwart her search and end her budding romance?

The writing is strong, a delight in itself... a book for readers looking for something engaging, well paced and emotionally rich... — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: Finalist, New Fiction, American Fiction Awards; seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Mystery & Thriller

ISBN: 978-0999800317 
Be Something Wonderful
by Tom Kearin

In his powerful, concise and fun style, the author introduces an inspirational, spiritual journey shaped by the message, mission and magic of Be Something Wonderful.

This book points toward a life-changing, spiritual shift leading up to a momentous aha moment and an inevitable jump into a true personal path and divine calling. It gives a glimpse of the fascinating world of quantum physics and its connection with the divine, creative energy of the universe.

The author teaches about the Dare To Be It™ code, the empowering key to innate and genuine greatness. The code is presented in a simple, easy-to-digest format. He suggests thought-provoking, practical exercises to tap into personal God-given abilities.

The author keeps his narration neat and simple, making it easy to follow what he is trying to explain... The exercises are good to help readers reflect and contemplate on life… — Readers’ Favorite

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Self-Help

ISBN 978-1650481395

Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business
by Laura Pennington Briggs

This book presents an easy-to-understand, introductory and nontechnical approach to the world of freelance writing. It teaches how to leverage the fast-changing pace of technology to grow a business that gives writers freedom and flexibility.

Included in the scope of this manual are how to pitch, how to create a marketing plan and how to manage digital clients as a writer of blog, salescopy, whitepapers, website content, press releases or articles. There are also key guidelines for efficiency, such as mastering time management so that deadlines are always met and clients retained.

Breaking into freelance writing has become much easier for word-savvy entrepreneurs. But even in the golden age of content creation, writers still need to know what it takes to launch services and pitch them consistently so they can grow and scale the freelance sideline into a fulfilling career.

Honors: seen on ABC, CBS and NBC

Category: Business

ISBN: 978-1599186450

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