Subject: LibraryBub is sponsoring libraries. Do YOU qualify?

You will receive this week's book recommendations on Thursday but today I'm writing to ask if your library needs any support?

You see, I'm hosting the 5-Figure Author Challenge in March and I would like to share part of the profits with libraries in need.

Why? As founder and CEO of LibraryBub I am incredibly grateful to librarians and patrons for the support given to indie authors.

Now is the time to give back.

The event itself is 100% FREE to participate in but there is a premium option available and that's where the funds will come from.

If you're interested in benefiting from the 5-Figure Author Challenge, please reply to this email by the end of the day explaining WHY your library is a good fit to receive support from authors participating in the event.

Warm regards,

Alinka Rutkowska
CEO, LibraryBub

P.S. If YOU want to participate in the 5-Figure Author Challenge feel free to join at and to share this message with anybody who could benefit from it.