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Below are this week's recommendations of outstanding indie & small-press books.
LibraryBub Books August 10
Serenity (Book One in the Shelby Alexander Thriller series)
by Craig A. Hart

A bullet slams into a wall just past Shelby’s head. A drug dealer offers him $10,000 for information regarding his dead sister. The local sheriff has Shelby in his sights. It’s just another day in the small town of Serenity.

Readers of David Archer, John Sandford, Dustin Stevens, and Robert B. Parker will love this new series of suspense thrillers. 

Set in Serenity, Michigan, the Shelby Alexander Thriller series stars an aging ex-boxer and retired fixer whose activities flirt with the wrong side of the law. Shelby moved to Serenity, his boyhood hometown, looking for a slower pace of life. But trouble follows men like Shelby, and he finds himself embroiled in an underworld of drugs and violence that may prove to be his undoing.

The first book in the new series, Serenity is an action-packed read with a lovingly rendered cast, witty dialogue, and a main character who doesn't know when to quit.

Honors: Amazon bestseller; seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense 

ISBN: 978-1539311881

Tested: the Dream is free but the Hu$tle comes at a cost
by Alpesh H. Patel

From Refugee to International Entrepreneur – the true story of the elusive highs and countless lows of an entrepreneur
Alpesh H. Patel’s story is the journey of an unconventional standalone entrepreneur. Far from being a slick get-rich-quick tale, Tested follows the gritty reality of this maverick businessman as he travels the world looking for opportunities, making mistakes and – sometimes – getting it very right.

Starting out in a wealthy Gujarati family running the successful chain of Odeon Cinemas in 1960s Uganda, Alpesh is forced to leave everything behind, fleeing Idi Amin’s persecution to start again as a refugee in the UK. Negotiating his way through his teenage years in Britain, he embarks on an incredible business journey that takes him from the streets of London to the souks of Tangier, from the concrete jungle of Hong Kong to the bling of Dubai and then back to mother Africa.

Honors: seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Biographies and Memoirs

ISBN: 978-0995596900

by Jerry Johnson

Using updates of the ‘plagues’ in the book of Exodus (poisons, explosives, etc.), a Ph.D. student in biochemistry attempts to take down the U.S. Government. Upset after his father, a U.S. Army colonel, is killed in Iraq, the newly motivated bioterrorist wants to force President George Bush to bring home the remaining U.S. troops. "Let my people go" is the killer's mantra. 

Can Mark Peterson, the FBI agent in charge of the investigation, catch the terrorist before Peterson's boss forces Peterson out of the task force assigned to catch the killer? And what happens when the terrorist decides to go after Peterson, the FBI agent hot on the killer's trail?

The reasoning of the terrorist came across as quite sane when you followed his story, and when you followed the other side, you could see the madness behind it all. — Kim Anisi for Reader's Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite five stars; Amazon bestseller; seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

ISBN: 978-1520152479
Cryptic Spaces: Foresight
by Deen Ferrell

Willoughby sees patterns that others cannot. Applying his brilliance in mathematics, he uncovers puzzles hidden in plain view. A carved symbol over a local barbershop, for example, leads him to one Antonio Chavez, and eventually, to a secretive organization where nothing is as it seems. Antonio, he learns, is far more than a barber, and introduces him to his oddly eccentric team. 

The famous and beautiful Sydney Senoya exhibits a musical talent that can reach beyond the living. James Arthur, proves to have strange healing powers. Even feisty T.K., their crew liaison on the company yacht, is more than she seems. Determined to uncover the truth behind the supposed seer, Nostradamus, the new team finds itself lost across the corridors of time, fighting for their lives. Does Willoughby alone, have the skill to save them?

Cryptic Spaces has all the key components of a great novel — well-developed and consistent characters, richly descriptive settings, whimsical dialogues, a smooth pacing and an utterly gripping plot. Si Ning Yeoh for Readers' Favorite

Honors: The Book Pick 2013 winner; First place in SciFi/Time Travel in the  Dante Rossetti Young Adult Fiction Awards; Honorable mention in the Readers' Favorite Book Awards, Young Adult, SciFi category; seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Historical Fiction

Dancing with Elephants: mindfulness training for those living with dementia, chronic illness or an aging brain
by Jarem Sawatsky

Want to enjoy the life you are living, even as you face major life challenges?

Is your mind succumbing to age? Is your body failing you? Can you ever find joy, peace, or fulfillment in these challenging conditions? The answer is a resounding YES.

In Dancing with Elephants you’ll discover:
• Simple practices to bring healing to your heart and life to your new outlook
• Humorous (and occasionally heart-wrenching) stories of Sawatsky’s own journey
• A new perspective to transform your pain and renew your spirit
• Practical tools to face your seemingly inescapable fears, and much, much more!

If you like touching stories, mindful wisdom, and a touch of irreverent humor, then you’ll love Sawatsky’s life-changing book.

This book is designed to teach the reader how to live their life to the fullest, regardless of their mental/memory problems. — Sefina Hawke for Readers' Favorite

Honors: Readers' Favorite five stars; Amazon bestseller; seen on NBC and Fox

Category: Self-help

ISBN: 978-0995324206
In case you missed the books featured in the last newsletter, here they are again:
Crossroads and the Himalayan Crystals
by C. Toni Graham

In the quiet town of Middlefield, an ordinary day takes a turn for the strange and wondrous when four teenagers are whisked away to the otherworld — a land in a different dimension. As they try to rationalize what they have stumbled onto — magic, fairies and flying horses — they begin to see that this world is not a fairy tale, but one filled with danger. 

They must now abide by an evil druid’s bidding or risk endangering the lives of their loved ones and the magical beings they have befriended.

Graham starts her YA debut with a bang; the opening scene depicting Brigara's banishment is exhilarating. — Kirkus

Honors: Readers' Favorite International Book Award for Excellence in Writing, Young Adult Action Category; Los Angeles Book Festival Honorable Mention Award for Young Adult Fiction; seen on ABC, NBC and Fox

Category: Science Fiction and Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1452558271

A Negro and an Ofay (Book One in the Tales of Elliot Caprice series)
by Danny Gardner

In 1952, after a year on the run, disgraced Chicago police officer Elliot Caprice wakes up in a jailhouse in St. Louis. His friends from his hometown secure his release and he returns to find the family farm in foreclosure and the man who raised him dying in a flophouse. 

Desperate for money, he accepts a straight job as a process server and eventually crosses paths with a powerful family from Chicago’s North Shore. A captain of industry is dead, the key to his estate disappeared with the chauffeur, and soon Elliot is in up to his neck. The mixed-race son of Illinois farm country must return to the Windy City with the Chicago Police on his heels and the Syndicate at his throat.

Gardner’s hard-bitten crime drama is candid, unflinching, and full of gallows humor. — Foreword Reviews

Honors: seen on ABC, NBC and Fox

Category: Mystery, Thriller and Suspense


Secrets of the Home Wood
by Julie Whitley

For Jonathon, the Home Wood that borders his grandfather’s farm has always been a source of mystery and dread. Strange half-heard rumours passed among aunts, uncles and cousins never quite add up.

More than twenty years ago, his father — when he was Jonathon’s age — was swallowed up by the Home Wood for more than a day and came back badly injured. That was when his grandfather forbade any family member from venturing back there. And so when, from his bedroom window one morning, Jonathon sees his father once again cross into the Home Wood, he knows something is very wrong. 

Deceiving his grandfather, Jonathon sets out after his father and makes his way, for the first time in his life, into the woods. What he finds there is beyond even his wildest imagination.

Honors: Literary Classics Book Award Silver Seal of Approval winner 2017; Book Excellence Award for Fantasy 2016; Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist 2015; seen on ABC, NBC and Fox

Category: Science Fiction and Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1460255285

The Troublemakers
by Jenny Terrell

Benedict, Edgar, and Jerome are the last remaining Sisters of Infinite Grace, serving the tiny Irish fishing village of Donadon. Their bishop is evicting them from their convent overlooking the sea, to install a group of monks in their place. Monks! The women are horrified. And besides, the convent and prime seaside land belong to them.

The bishop offers them a pittance for the property, but a land developer offers them more. Despite their vow of poverty, the sisters decide the higher offer must be God's will.

Finally, the sisters prevail over the bishop. The disobedient nuns find themselves wealthy, but with no home and no mission to follow. Thus begins their odyssey, in this entertaining tale with beguiling characters and a plot with a heavenly vision, a goat, a pope, a road trip, and surprises.

Terrell enriches the story with local flavor, including Irish dialect (This devil of a holy man will not feckin' have the best of Patrick Flynn), and culture, which will please readers interested in the region. — Kirkus

Honors: seen on ABC, NBC and Fox

Category: Humor


The Great Testosterone Myth 
by Aniruddha Railkar

Low Testosterone is a medical condition. Not everyone who has this condition needs treatment. This book will present information about the condition in a simple easy to understand language and will empower people to make an informed decision

Honors: seen on ABC, NBC and Fox

Category: Biological Sciences

ISBN: 978-1534709409

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