Subject: Your invitation to work with FJ World Inc

Our online business is expanding and we are looking for people like you to build a long term relationship.
FJ World Inc

Welcome to FJ World Inc

Hi Friend,

Thank You for making an important step in working together.

Here is a short summary of services available.

In addition to learning from our knowledge bases you can become a registered member, an affiliate, a customer or follower of FJ World Inc.

Some services offered include

- advanced hosting and building of websites, profile pages, banner images and more.

- domain registration and management.

- collaborative advertising.

- active sales lead generation.

- performance based task management.

- secured trading system marketplace.

FJWI is all about Relationship building based on honesty and trust.

This email is the beginning of a trusting relationship where you will receive knowledge, tools and services to help you with a healthy online lifestyle. A lifestyle where the by-product of your online fun may generate new income streams.

I hope you choose to continue to receive emails from FJWI. I have been in the online business for many years and it is time to share some knowledge and provide some opportunities to anyone that is active online.

Thanks again for making an important step in working together.

Jacques (Jack, FJ) Arseneault


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