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Corporate Development

At the top level of our corporation we are entering a period of

succession planning to address the future ongoing concerns of FJ World Inc. This will have some impact on all existing projects. The company is a going concern and growing. The company owner and directors are making changes that will allow expansion for the future with less involvement from its founder.


Since our last update, there has been several domain names acquired,

system architecture has been defined and work has been completed on modelling several systems and how they are interconnected. More will be explained in future newsletters. For now, the primary focus is still on closing the loop for several aspects of our traffic exchange site, ePayTraffic

In the upcoming weeks, I hope to have completed a feature, Request for PayPal Payment as well as the initial release of our trading platform. Once that is done there will be much focus on advertising services and other possibilities.

The traffic exchange world is continuously changing, so to survive, providers much change accordingly. Please remember that ePayTraffic is a membership site with focus on projects that generate revenue streams from advertising, marketing and related services.

There has been many members who have joined, left and some have come back. Those who are loyal and patience will get the greatest benefit for the long term. It takes time to create a market or to disrupt an existing market. The TE community offers many opportunity for growth and ePayTraffic will be an active participant in the future of online businesses using a traffic exchange script.

A lot of data and knowledge has been gathered since 2016 when ePayTraffic first got started. Every member is unique and their needs can be quantified and best delivered using a customized service. It is not difficult to get someone to join your program but it is most challenging to stay focused on a business plan that keeps them and converts them to a paying customer. Member demand is currently high for surfing pages for collecting rewards. In addition to addressing this increase demand for collecting things from surfing sites, ePayTraffic will be demonstrating how to deliver and monitor quality advertising for members.

Wishing you the best during an extremely important period of change in the world.

If you are not sure about something, please do not hesitate to contact me. There are many people spreading misinformation for various reasons. Make sure your sources of information are trusted sources and not some made up speculation.

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