Subject: Project update and directives

Review some directives and update on several projects.

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A review of our company directives and project update.

"Being a member of an FJWI membership site, means all members are required to maintain an active subscription to our Lets Work Together mailing list."

Being a micro-enterprise, a one-off and having to wear many hats in operating an online business, success is a result of following well defined policies, processes and procedures.

To that end, this communication will address directives being implemented at the highest level of responsibility across all projects of FJWI. Currently, our highest project priority is closing the loop on some services provided via ePayTraffic Trading System. Before we get into more specific detail and progress with our ePayTraffic project, it is imperative that everyone is most informed by an effective communication platform.

Recently, an email was sent to members of ePayTraffic. The mailing was done using the built-in functionality that came with our licensed LFMTE script. There are several limitations in the script and to take advantage of email marketing it would be necessary to spend money to upgrade our script. After a detail review and analysis of our company existing communication needs and expected collaboration on future projects, FJWI has adopted GetResponse as our primary communication, marketing and operational platform of choice. GetResponse is effective, well established in the industry and provides all the components for a growing online business. Components that can eliminate a lot of duplication and waste within an existing business. For example, when we send a mass mailing from our ePayTraffic membership site, members have the option to unsubscribe from the mailing. The unsubscribing option is expected as part of any double opt-in process, so to eliminate duplication, unnecessary work and be more effective and efficient we will no longer send mass mailings directly from any project sites. The last email sent from ePayTraffic generated a few requests to unsubscribe from ePayTraffic so it is being addressed today. This is of concern because it creates a situation where some people create an account but have no interest in receiving important messages but often are the members that require extra support. Or worse, they become part of a misinformation concern for our projects. Effective immediately, subscribing to our Let's Work Together mailing list is mandatory for all members who have created an account on any membership site managed by FJWI. Our memberships sites will all be updated to reflect this directive. We will be providing additional lists and autoresponder educational series that are specific to projects where members can opt-in or opt-out of these more focused mailing but unsubscribing to our top list, Let's Work Together will mean you do not wish to work together. That may mean your account on specific project site will be suspended and possibly deleted as a member. Again, the specific detail requirements and conditions to be a an active member will be governed by the Terms of Service for the specific project site.

Project Update

  1. - Our site content was updated as recently as November 10, 2021 and is not expected to to have any significant changes going forward. You are invited to review the changes and provide some feedback. Please use the available AskAdmin form on the site or email to share your experience, comments or ask for support. We have introduce a unique advertising service called Performance Advertising that you can view on the main page of ePayTraffic. This service is integrated with our trading system as well as the LFMTE traffic exchange script.

  2. - We are very close to what we call closing the loop. That is, making sure that every step of a process, from start to finish is consistent, repeatable and delivers exactly as expected. For example, a member is active on the site, they generate advertising credits, they create an advertising campaign, they are able to trade, buy and sell advertising credits and review the deliverables of said campaign.

  3. - Currently you are able to buy a one year advertising package for $5.00 offering unlimited views of your banner and destination site. The price is extremely low while we continue to improve on this service. fjGraphics is an image server used to host images for many sites within the FJWI network as well as providing advertising and marketing support for many clients of FJWI.

  4. - This site domain is the foundation of our Google Workspace organization. It offers a reliable, scalable and extremely flexible integration of many sites and services for FJWI and clients of FJWI. We will be expanding this workspace usage so clients can create and manage their own sites and services. Expect to see more improvements to this workspace as we demonstrate the power of collaborative services.

  5. - This domain is about reseller website services. Currently the reseller hosting services is mostly for sites within the FJWI network. We are moving towards providing customizable traffic exchange sites for client. Sites that can be owned, rented or used within a shared service model.

  6. - Our corporate site will be updated to better reflect the various projects and initiatives of the company. This is where using GetResponse will improve the connection and relationship building for the company.

  7. Other Projects, Tools, Technology and Services - Currently, several small projects, mostly process improvement initiatives are underway to expand on existing revenue streams. We have a long list of ideas and initiates to explore. The big one being, how to move from a one-of organization to a team/club base collaborative network. Currently, a lot of work is being completed in documenting processes and procedures required for any expanding business. A business that is designed to serve many generations. Doing this well, will ensure clients are not overly impacted in a negative way when a key player is wanting to move on, as in retire permanently.

Wow! This is a lot to read but it is important. You now know about some directives and direction of FJ World Inc.

Thank you again for being part of our journey. Stay tuned while we share more tools, technology and services that are fundamental to any successful and profitable online business. I suggest you seriously consider GetResponse as part of your online business venture.

Jacques (Jack, FJ) Arseneault


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