Subject: A New Beginning...

FJ World Inc


Needs You

Let me guide you,

in a step by step process designed to grow your knowledge and revenue streams. Today's world is all about a click economy. I discovered the click economy many years ago and I have continuously enhanced several related body of knowledge that will not only save you money in your existing online activities but make you a profit center for the evolving metaverse ecosystem.

A value proposition: 

Align yourself with a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Stop wasting time and money with your current online processes.

Be brave and explore collaborative networking.

Time for a new beginning

When you become a member of ePayTraffic you are at step one of a brand new world in the click economy. Every member is different and unique in their own needs and objectives. What ePayraffic will do is demonstrate via living processes that guide you forward in not only your journey but within a collaborative journey. It's about team building and sharing for a mutual benefit. An account on ePayTraffic gives you access to a trading system. A trading system is one component of ePayTraffic P3 technology. Perpetual Profit Provider (P3) methods and techniques will be shared with members. Not all members, but with members based on value proposition reflected in a Member Quality Scorecard (MQS). All you have to do at this point to get started is create your ePayTraffic account, login your account and explore the top few menu links on the left side of the page. The surf link is most important at this time if you expect to earn some cash from your time clicking on the site.

Go ahead, click surf, it will take you to a page to create an ad campaign.

Just click the Add button at the bottom of the page. No need to enter any information. The system will accept the default, no need to be concerned about a valid url. The ad campaign will not consume any of your earned credits until it is approved. FJ will not approve the ad as-is. This way you get to click and earn right away.

Now click the Surf menu link again and this time you will be taken to what is called an Auto-Assign setting. Just enter 50 in the provided box and click update.

The next time you click the Surf menu link you will be taken to our member surfing page. You view a page while a counter counts down and then you click a matching number to confirm it is a verified viewing. If you do this for 250 pages your account will be awarded 15 cents when our server resets at midnight EST. Plus you will have also earn other goodies. More on this later.

If your completely new to viewing ad campaigns on a manual traffic exchange, please make some time to contact FJ and/or follow the provided links to our support group.

Have an awesome day and I look forward to working with you on some exciting new projects designed to generate some extra cash for playing in the click economy.

If your not into clicking for cash that is fine. ePayTraffic is about much more than clicking for points, cash and gaming competitions.


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