Subject: Learning AngularJS: Internationalization For Your Apps ☑

Learning AngularJS: adding i18n to your app.
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Learning AngularJS
Hi Friend,

Welcome to another newsletter of Learning AngularJS. It's come up every once in a while, when working on an app with broader appeal, that it would be nice to be able to translate the app into other languages. In Canada, we usually like to translate our websites to work for both English and French users. In Europe, it's common to iterate on a web app and expand the supported languages from the local language to a neighbouring country's language to reach the right target market.

angular-translate is a module that makes it nice and simple to translate your AngularJS app into multiple languages.

In our globalized world, it's important to be able to support more than one language in an app otherwise your web app will have limited appeal.

Happy hacking!
Rudolf Olah
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