Subject: Students’ Learning Depends on the Their Teachers!!!

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LDA's 55th Annual Conference | Atlanta, Georgia | February 21 - 24, 2018
2018 LDA Conference to Address Improving Effectiveness of Professional Preparation
Wow – what society expects from teachers is astounding. Teacher quality and support go hand in hand – it is the community joining with the schools to support teachers that produce successful students. The 2014 report by the Alliance for Excellent Education(AEE) says “…schools often fail to provide adequate support to new teachers. Too many teachers report that they struggle with such issues as classroom management and lesson planning, and felt isolated and abandoned to overcome their challenges on their own, concluded” 
On the Path to Equity: Improving the Effectiveness of Beginning Teachers. 

Having learning and attention issues doesn’t mean a child isn’t intelligent. In fact, kids with learning and attention issues can even be gifted. Qualified teachers are critical to the success of students with learning and attention issues. General ed teachers must have knowledge and skills in the basics of learning disabilities, collaboration and implementing accommodations. Special ed teachers must have knowledge and skills in the general ed curriculum, specialized interventions, consultation and transition options. These teachers must have support from administrators and related service providers and access to higher ed faculty for ongoing training and in-service. (LDA Talking Points)

The LDA Conference provides a variety of sessions on professional preparation and on the job insight, classroom management and resources. Join your peers from around the country and hear what works and does not work in the classroom for students with learning disabilities. Check out the sample of sessions supporting teachers listed below -- there are more than 175 to choose from. PLEASE REGISTER TODAY.

Wednesday, February 21st  
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W05: Alternatives to Suspension: Keeping Students in School Using the DETECT Process.
W11: Effective Progress Monitoring for All Learners.
W17: Removing Roadblocks and Creating Pathways: Supporting Children with Learning Disabilities in the Classroom.
W24: Concept First Math Remediation: Balancing Engagement and Cognitive Load.
W25: Build Success for Students One S.T.E.P. at a Time.
W33: Roundabout: Metro Detroit’s Lessons in Special Education Discipline and Mobility.
W41: Table Talk for Teachers.

Thursday, February 22nd
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T07: Supporting Students in a Traditional Independent School.
T11: Interpretation of the Major Themes Underlying Teachers Ratings.
T13: Creating Systems & Structure that REALLY Work for complex Children.
T18: Using Content Enhancement Strategies to Teach Students with Learning Disabilities.
T32: Real Schools, Real Teachers: A Problem-Solving Clinic.
T33: Problems of Practice in Co-Teaching: How Do We Fix Them?
T39: Teacher-Parent-Physician Collaboration for Students with Learning Disabilities with or without ADHD.

Friday, February 23rd
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F02: Five Useful Spelling “Rules” and Fun Ways to Teach Them!
F09: Culturally Relevant STEAM (STEM/Arts) Methods for English -Learners with Learning Disabilities.
F10: The Role of Play in the Assessment and the Intervention of High Risk Children in the Early Childhood Years.
F21: Sorting the Conceptual Puzzle Pieces of Reading: Using Categorization Skills to Increase Comprehension in Content Area Subjects.
F23: Infusing Language Development into the Classroom.
F41: Table Talk for Teachers.

Saturday, February 24thS04: A Beginner’s Guide to Executive Functioning and How to Help.
S12: Beyond Behavior Management: Understanding Behavior of Students with Learning Disabilities.
S14: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Social Language Development During Transition.
S19: Implementing Universal Design for Learning in Professional Settings.

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Continuing Education Credits Available!

LDA is pleased once again to offer Continuing Education Credits for professionals as well as graduate credit for licensure renewal, salary advancement, and/or special education graduate credit.

Make sure you tick the box showing your interest when registering for the conference so we can keep you up-to-date on the process to ensure you receive your credits.

Detailed descriptions of all general and breakout sessions, workshops and research poster presentations may be viewed in the LDA Conference Book, which can be viewed online below (PDF Download Link).

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