Subject: Friend, You Are Not Alone - How to Boost Your Book Promotions

Dear Friend,

BookBub has just asked me about the long-term results of my recent promotion:

BookBub: "Did your book hit a bestseller list during your BookBub promotion?"
Me: "Yes."
BookBub: "Which bestseller list did your book hit?"
Me: "Amazon."
BookBub: "What marketing did you do keep the momentum going?"
Me: "Uhhhm..."
BookBub: "Just check all that apply: FB ads, FB posts, Twitter ads, Tweets, Display ads, Blog tour, Contest, Giveaway, Google Adwords, Email blast, Print advertisement."

I love it how they give you ideas of what you can do to promote your books.

But they missed something out. I've recently made friends with best-selling author Bryan Cohen, we skyped for an hour and we exchanged marketing strategies that work.

He told me about something he did that got him 3,500 sales in one day - I was very impressed! I told him to please elaborate and he explained how we did it all via a Multi-Author-Facebook event. Very cool!

We are not alone, we are all in this together and if we can manage to find the right people to surround ourselves with, we can all succeed!

Bryan created a great training (I went through it and learnt a lot) called "Kindle Sales Blowout" where he tells you everything you need to know about creating these type of events successfully (OK, not everything - he saved some of the good stuff for the upsell "Kindle Event Blaster," which you can get right after you get the main training).

I think his strategy of researching authors to work with is excellent (that's right in the first video) and that's just the start. Check it out for yourself (forgive him the super-salesy page - the content is solid):

Next time you run a promotion, combine it with a Multi-Author-Facebook event or do the event as the promo itself!

To your success!
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