Subject: Friend, I Can Help Sell Your Books

Dear Friend,

Authors keep asking me if I can help sell their books and some offer me generous royalties for doing so. I do want to help and I do want to see you succeed but I prefer to give you the proverbial rod rather than the fish for two reasons: first of all I'm already at full capacity promoting my own books, secondly, I prefer to show you how to do it rather than do it for you - this way you can replicate that success.

Another thing is that a book needs to be created in a certain way before it hits the market:
  • The content of your book needs to be high quality and it needs to be edited (I know it's obvious but unfortunately not for everybody).
  • You need to research your target audience and write for them.
  • You need to create the first and last pages of your book in a certain way so that you can start building a platform.
  • You need to chose the correct keywords and ideally put them in your title.
  • Your cover needs to be created in a certain way.
  • You need to select your categories smart.
Once you've got all these points covered, you can hit the 'publish' button. Then you or your marketing person can help you get maximum sales on your titles.

O.K. so how can I help? I partnered with another self-publishing expert and prepared a special Professional Self-Publishing Online Training, which shows you exactly how to do all the above (in 40 pdf pages and 8 videos). Once your books have been created that way, your job promoting and selling them will be so much easier.

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To your success!
Alinka Rutkowska