Subject: [Your First 10k Readers] Closing now

It's closing time for Nick's Your First 10,000 Readers so if want in, now is the time to click here:

Remember with the purchase of Nick's course you get access to the following:

– How to build your audience, sell without being sleazy, and launch your new books and other products into the stratosphere: 6 core modules taking you through how to set up your own automated marketing and selling system

– Insider business secrets: 6 advanced interrogations with leading authors and entrepreneurs, including how Simon Whistler found 1,000,000 Youtube followers, how Joanna Penn boosted conversion rates by 50% and how Bryan Cohen sold 3,000+ books in one day

– Tools of the Trade: all the technology, systems, and tools Nick and his students use to grow their businesses – broken down for you step by step

– Swipe Copy: never wonder “what do I put in my emails?”. Nick’s got this covered – all his best-performing emails ready and waiting for you to use in your own business.

– Live Support: This isn’t just a course, this is a community. You will get access to almost 1,000 other students participating in the private Facebook group (all of whom are going through, or have been through, the same material and lessons)

– Lifetime updates: Like the exclusive bonuses I mention at the top of this email, you will get free access to each and every update to the course as it happens. Once you’re in, you’re in.

– 30 day guarantee: Nick stands behind this course and want you to love it as much as he does. That’s why he’s offering 100% of the program material with your first payment. That way, Nick is personally invested in your success and you get 30 days to preview everything – risk free.

- Plus you get Author Remake from me: it's my premium flagship course retailing at $597 which walks you through the marketing mix or the 4 Ps of every book launch. It also shows you which 20% of marketing activities yield 80% of results.

Remember, everything closes TODAY Friday, August 26th, at 23:59 Pacific (US) Time.

To your success!