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The three courses and a dozen of books are sold separately and when bought separately they cost over $1,000

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Below is an outline of what you will find in Katie's course:

Module 1: Character Arc Basics
Lesson 1: Can You Structure Characters?
Lesson 2: The #1 Mistake Authors Make
Lesson 3: The Lie Your Character Believes
Lesson 3 Bonus: How To Write A Likable Protagonist
Lesson 4: The Thing Your Character Wants Vs. The Thing Your Character Needs
Lesson 4 Bonus: Your Character’s Goal
Lesson 5: Your Character’s Ghost
Lesson 6: The Characteristic Moment
Lesson 7: The Normal World

Module 2: The Positive Change Arc
Lesson 1: The First Act
Lesson 2: The First Plot Point
Lesson 3: The First Half Of The Second Act
Lesson 4: The Midpoint
Lesson 5: The Second Half Of The Second Act
Lesson 6: The Third Plot Point
Lesson 7: The Third Act
Lesson 8: The Climax
Lesson 9: The Resolution

Module 3: The Flat Arc

Lesson 1: The First Act
Lesson 2: The Second Act
Lesson 3: The Third Act

Module 4: The Negative Change Arc

Lesson 1: The First Act
Lesson 2: The Second Act
Lesson 3: The Third Act

Module 5: FAQs About Character Arcs

Lesson 1: How Can I Figure Out What My Character’s Arc Should Be?
Lesson 2: Can A Character’s Arc Be A Subplot?
Lesson 3: What Is An Impact Character?
Lesson 4: Should All My Minor Characters Have Arcs?
Lesson 5: How Can I Use Rewards And Punishments To Get My Character To Change?
Lesson 6: What If My Story Has No Character Arc?
Lesson 7: How Do I Write Character Arcs In A Series?

Module 6: Character Decisions

Lesson 1: Character Archetypes
Lesson 2: The Right Number Of Characters For Your Story
Lesson 3: The Difference Between Protagonist And Main Character

Module 7: Theme & Character Arc

Lesson 1: How To Find Your Story’s Theme
Lesson 2: Theme In Your Story’s Climax
Lesson 3: How To Create A Powerful Theme
Lesson 4: How The Antagonist Creates Theme

Module 8: Marketing Decisions

Lesson 1: The Most Important Factor In Selling Books
Lesson 2: FAQs About Marketing Books
Lesson 3: How To Build Your Platform
Lesson 4: How To Build Reader Loyalty
Lesson 5: How To Keep Your Backlist Selling
Lesson 6: The Author’s Secret to Success: Email List
Lesson 7: Number One Marketing tip: Have A Great Attitude


Bonus 1: Free E-Book: 5 Secrets of Story Structure
Bonus 2: Story Structure Chart
Bonus 3: Timelines
Bonus 4: Scrivener Templates
Bonus 5: Resource Roundup

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