Subject: Write. Publish. Repeat. That's All.

Dear Friend,

Have you heard of Write. Publish. Repeat.? It's a great book on self-publishing that I just finished reading and while I think it could be presented in a more concise way, it's packed with useful information for authors.

The funny thing is that, as the authors themselves admit, the title itself conveys their main message. So let's analyze it:


First of all you need to create your masterpiece. The authors claim that you should write for you and not chase any trends because before you publish your work it will be too late.

I believe that you need to understand who your audience is first and write for them. So we're not on the same page on this one BUT there is one thing we do agree on - the best thing you can do is to set a trend. If you're a trend-setter, you and your books will be in the right place in the right time.


This requires a completely different set of skills and it includes smart marketing. As you publish you need to think about keywords, categories, calls to action, building your email list, linking your books and much more. While you will find some of the information in the book I just read, it was written in 2013 and many things have already changed in this ever changing industry. If you want to learn how to professionally self-publish your books so that they attract readers like a magnet make sure to grab the Professional Self-Publishing Training I just released.


Now do it again. The more you write and publish, the more assets you will have to play with in your marketing. If I were to start writing in a new genre I would only publish once I had 3 books ready. One would be perma-free title (a "funnel book") with an optimized title, cover and keywords; with effective calls to action that would get readers on my mailing list. The second one would be my "magnet book," the one I would give readers in exchange for joining my mailing list. And the third one would be a full priced book, which I would upsell in the emails my readers would get.

What do you think about this formula, Friend? Have you tried it out yet? What are your results? Please hit 'reply' to let me know.

To your success!
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