Subject: Who else wants to sell 80,000 books?

It was 2009. I had a cozy cubicle which I shared with three other business planners. And we even had a window. Each of us worked with one of the company’s vice presidents. Mine was head of the “fabric care” department.

Only I didn’t care about washing machines. I was a writer who wasn’t writing.

One morning at the office as I was turning on my computer and speed-eating my cereal from a plastic bowl I felt my frustration grow stronger.

I was tired but I had to show up or else I would get in trouble. 

Then it hit me. 

I was following other people’s agendas. I was realizing someone else’s dreams.

The fact that I was good at my job didn’t help. I was good at the wrong thing. If I kept this going for much longer it would get more and more difficult to get out.

That’s about the time a friend told me about The 4-Hour Workweek
“You mean a 4-Hour Workday?” I said. 
“No, no, The 4-Hour Workweek,” he assured me.

That’s when I imagined myself away from the cubicle, traveling the world, needing only my computer and an internet connection to write, publish and sell books. 

My grin widened as I realized I would no longer be trading hours for dollars and my readers could be buying my books while I was asleep.

I told my friend about my dream. He told me about print-on-demand.

That one conversation opened a whole new world for me, a world I wanted to live in.

I had my vision. I set a deadline. I wrote the book. 

The moment I hit “publish”, I was in business!

I was exhilarated. 

But that exhilaration faded when my book didn’t become an instant best-seller which deep down I believed it would be.

Doubts crept in my mind. What if I was trapped in this cubicle and there really was no way out?

Then I went to the staff meeting in which the CEO talked about the company having a stagnant quarter. People weren’t buying as many washing machines as he would have liked and he hammered us with everything we needed to do to reverse this trend.

That’s when it hit me again. I needed to do for my book what I was doing for washing machines!

That’s when things picked up and for the first time I saw sales come in. And not just any sales.

I more than doubled my corporate salary.

I was no longer trading hours for dollars.

I could do what I was doing anywhere in the world.

I could finally be free from the cubicle!

That’s when I shared my thoughts with my dad: “I don’t care about washing machines. I want to write.”
My dad thought I needed my head examined. “There’s a line of people who would kill to have your job and you’re going to leave it?” he asked.
“Yes,” was my answer.
“Writers hardly make ends meet,” he said.
“We’ll see about that,” was my reply.

Fast forward to 2016 and I’m living the life l have always dreamed of. I’m traveling the world, answering only to myself (okay, I have to answer to my two kids as well).

As soon as I left my corporate job, I went on a cruise, which I paid for with my royalties. That’s how I met my husband. And now we travel together.

All I need is my computer and an internet connection to sell my books in the hundreds of thousands.

You can do it too, Friend.

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