Subject: Who Not to Ask for Reviews & What to Do Instead

Dear Friend,

Let's get straight to the point because I want my emails to be as efficient as possible. I just had a baby a few days ago and I value your time (and mine) more than ever.

Since the launch of my newest release "How I Sold 80,000 Books," I've been receiving numerous requests from authors to review their books. The problem is that I'm not in their target audience. I don't read mysteries, horrors and numerous other genres.

But reviews are extremely important to have on your Amazon sales page and soliciting them is a good strategy but you need to determine your target audience first. I don't recommend swapping reviews with other authors as it creates an unnecessary obligation and unless it's a book for authors, you won't gain a reader for life.

So what can you do instead?
  • First and foremost you need to optimize your book so that it attracts reviews by itself.
  • You need to know where to go to get those reviews.
  • If you're launching a new book or relaunching an existing book, there's a sequence you can follow to get the highest number of reviews.
  • There's a wrong and right way to talk to your readers. You should learn what works.
  • You can leverage some very simple tools you already have access to in order to do this.
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To your success!
Alinka Rutkowska