Subject: Webinar tomorrow Alinka + Donna on writing a book fast

Tomorrow, April 28 at 12,00 (noon) Eastern I will be talking to Donna Kozik about her unique strategies for writing a non-fiction book fast.

This is a must-attend class for every author who is busy but wants to get that non-fiction book out there, so that it drives traffic and brings new clients.

The webinar is entitled “5 Secrets to Write a Book in Weekend”

Here's what we'll cover:
  • The #1 BIG mistake most people make that’s holding them back from themselves and the world with their message in a book and the fast fix that will turn this around immediately. This big mistake is really going to lead you to do the V-8 head-slap, but even DURING THE CALL you’ll already be in action to turn things around and literally start your book right then and there!
  • How to get “out of your own way,” beat procrastination at its own game and take baby step actions that can actually lead to a sprint of productivity and get you to the finish line of “published author” even faster. 
  • The real key to success in getting a book done in a weekend—once you grasp this, you’ll never think of writing a book has “hard” or “difficult” ever again! Plus, get not only yourself, but get friends and family members on board by asking one powerful question. 
  • If “what should I write about” is holding you up, Donna will share winning topic ideas for anybody and any business—along with “twists” to make them your own.
  • Let’s talk titles: having the right title is vital to book sales and business branding. Find out the formula dozens of New York Times bestsellers and other are using TODAY to sell more books. 
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This teleclass can make a HUGE difference in leapfrogging you forward to becoming a published non-fiction author. Don't miss it!

To your success!