Subject: [Time sensitive] Tomorrow's LibraryBub Feature

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for your interest in LibraryBub. We connect authors like you with thousands of libraries and aim to change the publishing industry as it's known today.

I'm writing because we have an unexpected slot opening for tomorrow's newsletter (Oct 15th) and it could be yours!

We are currently booked up to Nov 5th so if you want to jump ahead of the line - now is the time!

Here's what recently featured authors are saying:

LibraryBub has increased my sales and exposure far beyond my expectations. Only two (yes 2) days after the LibraryBub email was sent out, I began receiving notes from several libraries thanking me for this service informing them of my book ("From the Kitchens of Pancho Villa")....and they purchased it! Libraries are an unusual and unique market, LibraryBub has what it takes to break into that market. LibraryBub has done just what they said they would. If you are an Indie author, you need this service! Thank you LibraryBub! - Karina Ann Betlem

After spending weeks doing a local library mailing, I considered doing a nation-wide library promotion but found the time commitment daunting. When I received Alinka's LibraryBub offer, I was thrilled to hire her to do the work at a reasonable cost. Thanks, Alinka! - Ruth Hull Chatlien

Now it's your turn!

Go here to apply for a LibraryBub feature now:

This offer will be valid until midnight EST.


Alinka Rutkowska