Subject: [Time sensitive] Facebook Ads for Authors course is now live

Dear Friend,

I bet you're at least slightly interested in gaining new readers via Facebook ads. 
That's great because many authors are having enormous success with ads and you can be one of them if you go here:

You can't just start creating ads from scratch - well, you can but you will lose thousands of dollars before you get them right. But there's a better way. 

Mark Dawson has already figured out how to create ads that bring us authors readers. Mark is an author (a highly successful one) and for a few days he reopened his vastly popular Facebook Ads for Authors course:

I went through it and it's the best thing I've seen on the market. Yes, there are other courses (and I've taken them) but they cost twice as much as Mark's and they are not geared towards authors. This one is. 

Many of you (over 1,500) are on my list because of the ads I've been running - so yes, it's really working!

Here's an overview of what you will learn:

1. Step-by-step online training to suit every style of learning

Module 1

Why use Facebook? (Answer: because it works like gangbusters).

Module 2

Facebook General Principles

• Deciphering the power editor
• The structure of Facebook ads
• Basics: creating a campaign
• Basics: precise targeting
• Ninja tips

Module 3

Using Facebook Ads to Build Your Mailing Lists

• Purpose and Mark’s results
• How to create a high performing ad
• Example ads: good and bad
• Highly converting landing pages
• Pain-free monitoring: keep your ads in line and on budget
• Welcome to my mailing list: precise email automation sequence
• How much are subscribers worth?
• Mailing list hygiene
• Understanding your readers with surveys

Module 4

Using Facebook Ads to Drive Sales

• Purpose and Mark’s results
• Optimising Amazon as a landing page
• Amazon Associates and affiliate links
• Creating your ad
• Data doesn’t have to be scary: monitor your ads for just five minutes each day
• Troubleshooting
• Examples: good and bad

NEW Bonus Module

Using Twitter for Mailing List Signups

• Using cutting edge Lead Cards to add signups without a landing page.

2. Screencasts (look over Mark’s shoulder as he creates and monitors ads)

Save hours of frustration and thousands of dollars and implement an EASY system that will allow you to use Facebook ads to boost your writing career. You will sit next to Mark (pretty much literally) while he shows you his exact workflow. You can then go away and copy it.

3. VIP Launch Bonus #1

Exclusive student discount with Book Funnel, a new service that will allow easy and pain-free distribution of free books to your brand new newsletter subscribers.

4. VIP Launch Bonus #2

Access to the Self Publishing Formula’s closed Facebook Mastery group. It’s become a thriving community of over 400 members, including some of the biggest indie authors in the world, and the help and support shown there has been amazing. It’s become something of a Facebook ads laboratory, too, with highly successful indie advertisers ready to leap in and critique copy, image, targeting and landing pages. And, of course, Mark pops in every day and is very active there, too.

5. VIP Launch Bonus #3

A week of exclusive email access to Mark. Get your questions answered.

6. VIP Launch Bonus #4

BIG discount on images from Books Covered, the designer that Mark uses for his covers and ad images.

7. VIP Launch Bonus #4

BIG discount on a Wordpress site (with full installations available) based on the precise template that Mark uses himself.


Click here to sell more books with Facebook ads:

Going through this course might just be your best decision as an author.

To your success!

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