Subject: [Time sensitive] Discounted LibraryBub Feature Tomorrow


We are almost fully booked until the end of December, which is a great month to be featured because that's when a lot of libraries are spending their budgets.

Good news - we are running a last minute discount on a few slots that we still have left.

Apply within the next 24 hours and get a 50% discount to be featured in our newsletter that goes out to over 10,000 libraries!

Here's what recently featured authors are saying:

Wow, those are really impressive results. I'll definitely be using LibraryBub again. - Alexandra Sokoloff

Some people promise a lot and deliver very little. Some people promise a lot and deliver exactly what they claim. Alinka and LibraryBub need to be lumped at the top of the latter category. - Steve Kohlhagen

I really appreciate the opportunity to use LibraryBub, which I found to be highly professional and responsive at all times. The follow-up data is very useful - it's exciting to know how many librarians wanted more information about my books! Thank you for providing this excellent and unique service to authors. - Cynthia Port

Now it's your turn!

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Alinka Rutkowska