Subject: [Time Sensitive] The plan to build your audience

Dear Friend,

No matter what you write, you need to build a tribe, not only a tribe but you need a group of people who are so passionate about what you write that they will buy anything you publish in all possible formats - those are hard core fans.

There are many ways you can attract readers: by contacting Amazon and Goodreads reviewers who reviewed books similar to yours, by following people who follow authors similar to you on Twitter and Wattpad, by running Facebook ads, by publishing a permanently free book with a call to your subscriber list. Some of those subscribers will become your fans but how many will be hard core fans?

Whatever you learn, always try to learn from the best and Jeff Goins is THE person to go to when thinking about building an audience. He's an author who successfully did it and he teaches other authors how to replicate his success.

Good news - he's holding a webinar tomorrow, on Wednesday, Nov 11th at 
12:00 PM Central Time, and 8:00 PM Central Time to show you how you can do it too. Register here: to learn:
  • Practical strategies you can apply to get your message heard.
  • How to grow your audience without having to be slimy and salesy.
  • How to make a living from your message without selling your soul.
You will walk away with practical action steps you can begin implementing right away.

See you there!

P.S. Space for these webinars is going to fill up fast so make sure you sign up now (and attend!):
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