Subject: The keys to copywriting perfection

Dear Friend,

Have you heard of P-A-S-T-O-R? It's one of the copywriting strategies that I learnt from copywriting magician Ray Edwards.

It works like a charm in book descriptions (both fiction and nonfiction).

P stands for problem. In nonfiction you're solving a problem that your reader has. In fiction your character has a problem.

A stands for amplify. In nonfiction show your reader the consequences of not solving the problem. In fiction show the reader consequences of the main character not solving the problem.

S stands for story. In nonfiction you tell your reader how you came up with your solution. In fiction you tease the reader with a little bit of your character's story.

T stands for testimony. In both fiction and nonfiction you present your best reviews.

O stands for offer. In both fiction and nonfiction you present your book.

R stands for response. In both fiction and nonfiction you ask the reader to purchase your work.

I bet you never thought of writing your descriptions this way! Ray is the master of copywriting and luckily he just released another free training video on writing powerful sales copy.

This video is full of powerful keys that you can start using today to improve your book descriptions.

And remember, these free videos (there are 3) will all be taken offline in a few days – so watch them while you still can!

To your success!

P.S. –  Don’t miss your chance to learn how to write powerful copy. Check out the video now:
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