Subject: The hidden truth behind book descriptions that sell

Dear Friend,

Do you know the difference between book descriptions that sell and those that don't? The ones that sell have been written by professional copywriters or by authors who have studied the art of copywriting.

So today's newsletter is meant to give you some tools to create book descriptions that sell (and email messages, Facebook ad copy, author bios, requests for book reviews):

1) Why Copywriting Is the Most Valuable Skill in Any Business: podcast by copywriting guru Ray Edwards. Ray is incredible. The more I listen to him and learn from him the better my copy is and the higher my sales are! Listen to the podcast here

2) $1,000 Copywriting For Authors Giveaway. Copywriter Bryan Cohen says that a finished book won’t get you sales. You should be marketing, and that takes a different kind of writing. If you win he'll write the copy for your book descriptions, your blog posts, your email messages to readers, your author bio AND he'll give you a free Skype call. Enter the giveaway here.

3) Facebook Ad Cheat Sheet. If you're playing with Facebook ads then you know how important you ad copy is. Author Mark Dawson who has had great success with Facebook ads shared a great cheat sheet directly from Facebook. Download the FB ad cheat sheet here.

I am now using my knowledge of copywriting (learnt mostly from Ray Edwards) and my knowledge of Facebook ads (greatly enhanced by Mark Dawson) to build my list and make sales. And it WORKS. In the upcoming weeks I'll be sending some more nuggets your way on both copywriting and Facebook ads since I'm a firm believer that the combination of these leads to excellent results (it does for me and it can for you too).

Reminder for award-winning & best-selling authors:

This is the final week to apply for a feature at LibraryBub and get ahead of the line. Let thousands of librarians know about your books. Apply here.

To your success!

P.S. Make sure to check out the links above since they are your first step to great copywriting and successful Facebook ads.
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But when a mysterious French-Vietnamese woman approaches Duff, he becomes trapped in a dangerous web of love, lies, and loyalty.

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You can be a blessing everyday for the rest of your life. No matter where you are and what you are faced with, the powerful nuggets in this book will do just what it says, "UPLIFT." 

Everyday Uplifting You is filled with messages that will empower you and bless others. The messages of love are hard to miss in this beautiful book.

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Do you think happiness is something vague, undefinable and not applicable to everyday life’s challenges?

It is time you changed your perspective! The truth is happiness is not something abstract but an entirely natural state, no matter where you live or what the present circumstances of your life are.

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