Subject: "The Descendant" is FREE on Amazon - review now

Dear Friend,

Amazon cooperated and "The Descendant" is now free! So, go here, download the book even if you've read it already and write a VERIFIED REVIEW (It will be considered a verified review when you follow the steps above.)

The Paperback is also available if you prefer that :)

Remember, there are $300 in Amazon gift cards to be won! :)
  • Four prizes of $25 to win for every person who publishes a review, on Goodreads or Amazon, no matter if verified or not, on launch day or launch week (March 29 - April 4).
  • Additionally (you may win both!) two prizes of $50 for everybody who published an Amazon review on launch day, March 29.
  • Additionally (you may win all!) ten prizes of $10 for everybody who publishes a VERIFIED review.
16 of you will win one of the above prizes ranging between $10 and $50, how awesome is that!

Thank you to all of you who have already reviewed the book - you are the best!!!

Remember, go here to download the book and write a verified review.


Ally Capraro