Subject: "The Descendant" Book 2 Release Date/Cover/Title/You!

G'day, Fantasy readers!

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If you've enjoyed "The Descendant" and have reviewed it, (thank you from the bottom of my heart!) you're in for a treat!

Below are the details of book 2!


"The Enchantress"

Release date:

Sept 27 2016


I'm writing the outline now, so if you have any comments or ideas for book 2, now is the time to send them over. If I include them, I will feature you in the acknowledgements.

Here's the current blurb for "The Enchantress":

Furious villains. Troubled guardians. A new clash.

Ava Davenport and Meldrick Richglow are living happily ever after. But not for long. The Xemlix have had it and they are resorting to the big guns to stake their claim.

Meet the Enchantress. She will take this conflict to a whole new level.

“The Enchantress” is the second YA sci-fi/fantasy romance novel in the Guardians of the Worlds series.

Open your mind to more action, more comedy and more romance!

Are you excited?
I sure am :)

P.S. "The Descendant" is doing fantastic, the Amazon rankings are off the charts so we're definitely doing something big here :)