Subject: TODAY: Live Google Hangout with 5X bestselling author Chandler Bolt (3-7pm EST)

Dear Friend,

TODAY at 3-7pm Eastern there's an Ask Me Anything Session with best-selling author Chandler Bolt and business growth expert James Roper (I got you a spot)...

Important: Just click the link above and leave it open if you’re early. That way you’ll make sure you have a spot! (And check your volume is on.)

Make sure you show up because it won't be recorded.

The above was the executive summary for those of you who are super busy and below are all the details:

I’m really excited for this…

Chandler Bolt went from college dropout to 5X bestselling author and 7-figure entrepreneur in 2 years.

And for 4 hours today, he’s your coach.

Want to cross “write a book” off your bucket list in 2016 and become a bestselling author?

Want to gain instant respect, trust, and authority, and have the option to build a business or following from your book?

Then you NEED to check out this LIVE Ask Me Anything session with 5-time bestselling author Chandler Bolt and his coauthor and business growth expert, James Roper.

He’s even invited some of the biggest names in the industry, along with Self-Publishing School students.

And TODAY at this live event, you can pick his brain from 3-7pm Eastern (noon-4pm Pacific) – and meet other bestselling authors and the Self-Publishing School community of authors and entrepreneurs who want to help you succeed.

The AMA (Ask Me Anything) starts at 3pm EST (noon PST) - so get your spot and join the Google Hangout now.

(You can keep it on in the background, in case you’re early.)

Make sure you bring your questions - about finding your book idea, staying on track and finishing your book, Kindle publishing, self-publishing, editing, getting accountability, finding time, turning your book into a business, maximizing book sales.

Any part of the process.

It’s a rare opportunity to get 1-on-1 help and learn from experts who’ve “walked the walk” - written their own bestsellers, built a million-dollar business, and helped thousands of other people.

Chandler and James have charged hundreds of dollars an hour for their coaching.

It’s a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity.

After all, how often do you get to “sit down” with multiple bestselling authors and have them help you cross something off your bucket list?
There’s no safety net, no script, just bestselling authors and motivated people like you.

And it won’t be recorded or repeated - so make sure you’re there!

All you need to do is join the Google Hangout now (leave it open early to save your spot).


P.S. Quick recap: Chandler’s hosting a free Ask Me Anything event TODAY from 3-7pm Eastern (noon-4 Pacific).
There won’t be any recordings, since it’s all interactive, but you can watch the final video in the Self-Publishing School training course.
When you attend, you’ll also get a free gift and a special offer you don’t want to miss out on.