Subject: [Special - your first 10,000 readers] Class of the year

I know most of you have heard of Nick Stephenson who took everything he learnt in 8 years to become a 7 figure author and packaged it in a neat training.

I'm a student of Nick's and thanks to his training I managed to automate my book business so that my lists grow in double or triple digits every day.

If you haven't had a chance to get to know Nick's system of getting your first 10,000 readers, make sure you watch his webinar replay, which will be available until Monday.

Here's what Nick covers:
  • The three-step formula to grow your audience in 2016;
  • How to generate traffic for your business, and turn that traffic into fans and subscribers;
  • The 4 reasons readers don’t buy – and how to overcome these obstacles (with results and stats);
  • An epic live Q&A session where you get all your audience building questions answered;
  • A special invite to join Nick’s flagship program “Your First 10,000 Readers” – only for people who join the live sessions.
Learn how to get YOUR first 10,000 readers here: 

To your success!