Subject: Review "The Descendant" and win prizes!

Thank you so much for downloading "The Descendant" via Noisetrade.

Did you know that you can win prizes if you review the book during launch week?

There are three days to go until it ends!

Go here, download the book even if you've downloaded it elsewhere already and write a VERIFIED REVIEW (It will be considered a verified review when you follow the steps above.)

The Paperback is also available if you prefer that :)

There are still $200 in Amazon gift cards to be won! :)
  • Four prizes of $25 to win for every person who publishes a review, on Goodreads or Amazon, no matter if verified or not, on launch day or launch week (March 29 - April 4).
  • Additionally (you may win all!) ten prizes of $10 for everybody who publishes a VERIFIED review.
Remember, go here to download the book and write a verified review.


Ally Capraro