Subject: Nick's 3 Step Formula to Grow Your Audience

Question: What's the best way to grow as an author and sell more books?

Answer: Replicate what other successful authors are doing.

One of the authors that helped me grow my audience and sell more books is Nick Stephenson.

He's currently making 7 figures a year by selling his books and building a business around it.

7 figures might be closer to a dream rather than a tangible target but you know the saying: shoot for the moon and you might land among the stars.

I'd say, setting a target for an additional 5 figures a year, is reachable.

But to be able to achieve it, we need a concrete action plan.

This is where Nick comes in.

He just released a free online training series that breaks down how he went from a struggling graduate trying to find work to a successful business owner and author.

The first video in this free video training series is out right now for a limited time – in this session Nick explains the 5 top struggles that online business owners face, and the super-specific 3 step formula you can use to overcome them.

Go watch the video below:

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In this free video training series you’ll also learn:
  • how to use ebooks to grow your audience on autopilot
  • how to sell without being sleazy, and get readers begging to buy from you
  • how to put everything on autopilot so you can avoid overwhelm and focus on other things
  • why “just write more content” is terrible advice, and what you should do instead
Over the course of 3 videos, Nick’s going to break it all down for you.

But for now, go watch Video 1 below:

And Nick will be sure to send you the rest of your free training as soon as it’s ready.

To your success!
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