Subject: New video: How anybody can turn their book into a bestseller

Steven King, Jeff Walker, Michael Crichton, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and Brian Tracy all have two things in common: they write great books and the know how to sell them.

They all use a blueprint that helps them launch best-sellers. And now the cat is out of the bag. Best-selling author Chandler Bolt reveals how it's done.

Watch here:

This is a fantastic video because it goes through all the nitty gritty of turning your book into a best-seller including:
  • 4 book launch screw-ups most authors make (and how to avoid them);
  • A counterintuitive (and free) approach to win people over and build buzz for your book;
  • 3 unconventional ways your book can boost your business, generate passive income, and bring clients to you;
  • Amazon’s “Rule of 3” secret to maximize sales;
  • The EXACT Bestselling Book Launch Blueprint that’s launched bestselling books in dozens of industries and niches - it works even if you don’t have a list or audience, or don’t know if anyone will read your book.

To your success (and you will succeed with this)!

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